Friday, August 9, 2013

Just Saying Hi

I wanted to stop by and say hi and to let you know that I really will be back one day soon.

I'm currently plotting my next book and although I've not been as productive as I'd like to be I am at least getting something on paper. Ummm...yeah, paper. I haven't put it in the computer just yet.

Games. iPhone games. Love them/hate them/so addicted to them. I've deleted a couple and hid a couple and now I have two that I really need to give up. My characters would be really happy if I did that. Well, all but one. One of them likes to see what my nbrs are doing in their places. She likes to ooh and aww over the decorations. Silly girl, her story will be next when this book is finished. YOu'd think someone who likes pretties and likes attention would want to have her book being written.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and to let you know I'm still around.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time flies

Really??? It's been a little over a year since I last blogged. Wow! Life has been anything but normal in the household. The day job is no longer there and I've been doing the search and find for a few months. The big difference is there aren't any words on the sidebar to tell you what you're looking for. You get a clue, send a resume and yeah...instead of a real job you're new email addy is now full of spam. 

I'm kinda at a crossroads with my writing right now. Although I'm working on the second book in the BloodSpell trilogy, I'm also thinking about a totally different genre to write in. More to come on that later. :)

Science Guy and I have been doing some landscaping on the front of our home. Two more plants/trees to put in and then I'll put up some pictures for you. I love seeing the color as I drive up to the house. 

So, how is everyone doing? What's happened/changed in your life in the past year?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday - Um Yeah, Just Thursday

I know I've been gone and I know I said I was going to be here more often, but right now is a bit crazy at the day job. The world of 24/7 Shopping TV is hetic to say the least. Anyway, I'm also working on a new website/blog which I'm hoping to have live by the end of the month. As soon as it's ready to go I'll let you know. Hope everyone is doing great! Vicki

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Blues...or Musings - Take Your Pick :)

It's Monday. That should follow with enough said, but just for those who perhaps love their Monday's, I'll resist the urge.

Maybe a Monday is your Friday and you're excited to have your week day time off. For me, the day brings crazy long hours, which leads me to want to do nothing but veg in front of the TV when I get home. After feeding the doggy babies and Science Guy, that is.

Tonight starts 'Dancing With The Stars' and although I said I wasn't going to watch it this season, we've already got it TiVo'd. Guess we'll see if it's going to turn out to be okay or not and then make the choice.

However, no matter how crazy of a day it's been, no matter how much I'd to do nothing but put on a pair of pj's, cuddle back into one of our oversized red chairs, watching TV while my mind wanders aimless through the show, I can't. I won't.

Why? Because I must write. I'm in a very small dingy, making my way to the writing island where other author friends are partying, err...I mean writing furiously (there's cabana boys and margarita's there).

Should be fun since my hero has just been thrown for a loop when he saw what the heroine did. And the coolest part is she doesn't really know what she did. She knows something changed, but she's not exactly sure what it was. Just yet that is.

Your turn. How was your day? Got any plans for tonight, or are you going to veg and re-coop from the day?


Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five

It’s been a week of weeks, but Friday is finally here and I’m about 30 minutes from being free for the weekend. Free to write, read, and okay…write. A lot. I’ve got to finish this wip very soon. :)

So what has the past week brought?

Let’s see…

1. Saturday’s TARA meeting ROCKED! Lauren Abramo was amazing in both sessions and dinner with her was way too much fun.

2. I got a new phone and it’s a smartphone, a iPhone to be exact. I love it.

3. Since I got said phone I’ve downloaded a couple of apps and although I do love the Kindle for iphone, I’ve got to say, I’m addicted to Zombie Farm.

4. The time change has brought wonderful long evenings, walking the dogs again is not only good for them, but for Science Guy and I as well.

5. Watched Idol and truthfully didn’t think the right person went home. Not that I thought she would stay for a long time (if she didn’t show what she can really do), but there was another that based on this week’s performance, I thought would be the one. But hey, everyone got their vote and apparently didn’t feel the same way as me.

What about you? How did your week sum up? Exciting? Crazy?

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan - A Place of Honor

First, let me say my heart goes out to those both in Japan and those around the world who have friends and loved ones living or working there.

The fury of the earth as it unleashes its power never ceases to leave me speechless and saddened. Many have lost their lives, their homes, or family and people who are dear to them. I can't begin to know what that feels like, so I send prayers for peace that passes understanding to wash over them.

Below is a link to a blog that my sister sent to me. Before I even clicked the link I paused and realized that throughout all of the news coverage I've not seen anything about looting.

People who live there are amazing in their reaching out to help others without thinking of taking for themselves. It's a country who has always been built on honor and in this horrific time we are seeing that this is not words, but this is who and what Japan is.

Why there is no looting in Japan


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol – New & Improved?

I admit it, I love, love, love American Idol. I’ve watched it from the very beginning. I used to vote each week, but now, not so much. I’ve learned over the years of the show that there are many who don’t win Idol and yet go on to have a better career than the winners. So now, even though I may have my fav’s, I pretty much leave it up to the rest of the voters to keep them on the show or not. Which means if my fav is voted off I can’t complain. Nope, just root for someone else at that point.

Science Guy and I had decided we’d give it through Hell Hollywood week and maybe the first live show to decide if we’d continue to watch. Guess what, we’re hooked again.
The new judges and new format (how quickly they narrowed it down to 12 13), seem to be working. Nothing is stale and we aren’t sitting around waiting to get it ‘really’ started.

Both Steven Tyler and J-Lo are great IMVHO. They critique them, but they’re totally destroying anyone, which I like. Although I will say, this year has an abundance of talent. Most of them look like they been on the big stage forever. For me this is a double edge sword. I liked seeing them come into their own, growing each week with more confidence on the stage, reacting with the crowd and the TV audience more.

And I have to admit, Steven Tyler cracks me up. He’s trying to be good (most of the time), but really, he is who he is and it’s just going to come out.

It is a little odd each week when I see Randy in Simon’s seat and I’m not sure if he’s torn between being Randy and throwing a little bit of Simon in there.

One of my favorite changes is the fact that each contestant can stay true to who they are. Since American Idol is all about finding fresh new talent, then I love that country, rockers, jazz, etc. can stay true their voice. Wonder why it took so many seasons for them to figure this out?
All in all, I think they did a great job of choosing the new judges and hope they’ll stay on for a few seasons, if Idol continues on.

Your turn. Are you watching it this season? If so, what do you think about the new judges, the format, or really anything else new about the show? And do you have a favorite already, or are you still trying to figure that one out?