Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meet Sawyer - What Do You Think?

This week over on the The Goddess Blog they're celebrating four years of blogging with fabulous post and great giveaways.

Yesterday was all about hero's and in the comment section we were to give a favorite hero name, what they look like, and what makes them who they are. Why would we as readers like him.

The name Sawyer immediately came to mind. I pictured him much like Hugh Jackman and then it was time to write what made him the way he was. This was a bit tougher since I wasn't writing about a hero's in any of my books. So to my trusty word doc I went.

Before I knew what was happening Sawyer just sort of entered the scene and took over. Without further ado, I give you Sawyer (last name unknown and I think he sort of likes it that way for now. No worries, I've already told him if he ends up in one of my books he'll have to give me everything.)

“Sawyer’s, well he’s –”

“I’ve got this.” Sawyer winked and turned to face the readers.

He rolled his neck from side to side and pulled his shoulders back, knowing the black muscle shirt left little to wonder about his abs. The dimple on the left side of his face deepened as he watched the readers eyes travel the length of his body before coming back to his face with appreciative smiles.

“Ladies, I’m the one your mothers told you to watch out for.”

An almost audible gasp was heard across the land of blog.

He smiled, apparently enjoying himself.

“What Vicki’s having trouble telling you is I’m not really your hero. I’m not in it for the long haul. While I can promise you a night you will never forget and who knows, maybe a week or two which will surely give you memories of a lifetime. After that, I’m not staying around. I never do.”

The faces in the crowded blog were a mixture of bad boy desire to anger.

“Um, Sawyer, you’re not doing such a great job being a hero here.” Vicki said. “Tell them the truth.”

“You want me to tell them?” Cold hard dreaded coiled through his body and landed in the pit of his stomach. “Won’t that mess up your happily ever after?”

“Yeah, not so much, I’m the author, trust me I can make it work. Tell them.”

Sawyer took a deep breath and measured his words. Even though he liked Vicki, she was a woman and while it was true she could write him anyway she chose, he didn’t like for anyone to have control over him or what he did.

After another few seconds went by he decided, what the hell, if I don’t like what she writes I can always freeze up on her. “The truth is I don’t trust people. Women in particular. My mother left us when I was five and never looked back. My father was too caught up in his own world to realize I thought it was my fault.”

He looked to Vicki, her eyebrows raised and she tilted her head with her signature ‘really’ popping into his mind. All of it, he mouthed. Surely she couldn’t want him to tell the next part, but as she nodded he realized he should have never come today. He should have given her writer’s block and walked away.

“Fine,” Sawyer grounded out between his teeth. “Here’s the deal. I was in love. Once. She was everything I thought I wanted. Beautiful, sophisticated, on the fast track to huge success as a model who traveled around the world. Heads turned when we were together and when we were alone, well let’s just leave it at it was magic. We had it all. Or so I thought until the day I decided to surprise her and show up at the flat she was renting in London while on location. Apparently, she had it all with another man as well. And had no trouble telling me he was better than me in every way.”

Not a sound could be heard in all of blog land, but the ones whose eyes had been filled with anger were a bit softer.

“Don’t go feeling sorry for me. I lived through it and decided to hell with all women. I’d date them, make love to them, and send them on their way. I didn’t want or need to feel anything more than sex with any of them ever again.” Sawyer turned a sheepish grin towards Vicki. “That is until my author decided to introduce me to the heroine. I should have known something was wrong when the woman flat out refused to go out with me and threatened to call the sheriff if I didn’t move my fence off of her grandfather’s property. Pitiful property it is and what did six inches matter. It wasn’t like that small amount of space was going to keep her from doing anything."

“So there you have it. I’m a bad boy through and through, my heart hardened to love. Or at least I was until a few weeks ago, but now I’m dreaming about a country girl who’d rather muck out a stable than have a glass of wine with me.”

Well, what do you think of Sawyer? Think he has a book in him? Or is this a hero's journey you'd rather not read about.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New...Is It Really Better

Today I'm blogging over at Everyboday Needs A little Romance. Science Guy took me downtown to the pier on Sunday. Although I live here and the place is great, I'd never actually done more than drove by it.

Now they want to tear it down and rebuild. Go on over and check out the post and the pics and let me know what you think. Is New Always Better?


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Update on my Dad

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. I used to be so very good at post everyday during the week and now I'm doing good to get here once a month. So sorry about that and I'd like to say I'll be back to normal again, but yeah that's so not going to happen for the next few months. After that...well, let's just say I've got goals.

My stepdad's been quite ill and at one point we didn't think he'd still be with us. He had to have brain surgery where they removed what blood clots they could from his brain. It was touch and go for several days.

He's amazing in so many ways though. Were many of us would have lost the fight, he didn't. In fact, he worked hard and fought his way from ICU to a regular room and then to rehab. He's finally home after two more trips to the hospital and trust me this is making life much easier for him and my mom.

My stepdad will turn 87 in April. He's lived a life full of adventure and has always been an admiral man. It's just we're not ready to let go of him and thank goodness he's not ready to quite fighting.

Love you bunches Dad.