Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time flies

Really??? It's been a little over a year since I last blogged. Wow! Life has been anything but normal in the household. The day job is no longer there and I've been doing the search and find for a few months. The big difference is there aren't any words on the sidebar to tell you what you're looking for. You get a clue, send a resume and yeah...instead of a real job you're new email addy is now full of spam. 

I'm kinda at a crossroads with my writing right now. Although I'm working on the second book in the BloodSpell trilogy, I'm also thinking about a totally different genre to write in. More to come on that later. :)

Science Guy and I have been doing some landscaping on the front of our home. Two more plants/trees to put in and then I'll put up some pictures for you. I love seeing the color as I drive up to the house. 

So, how is everyone doing? What's happened/changed in your life in the past year?