Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Words added: 221
Words deleted: Not as much this time, more moving things around
Chapter I’m currently editing: 18 – Still, I may have to split this chapter. It’s longer than I realized.
Chapters to go: 3

I didn’t do much in the manuscript this week. I know, shame on me. How am I going to finish this first pass so I can start the second one, if I don’t sit down every day? Wish I had the answer.

My goal, and trust me it’s a big one, is to have this first go through completed before I fly out at 7:00AM on Saturday morning to go visit Missy and Aaron. She and I are going to sit by the pool each morning before we start doing whatever it is we will do while I’m there, and work on the second pass. It’s nice to have a fresh pair of eyes, one that doesn’t really know the story to read it and let me know if anything is confusing or what not.

Don’t forget about this week’s contest. Leave your comments this week to be entered.

So, it’s your turn now. How was your week? Did you meet your writing goals or reading goals? If you’re not a writer, but a reader or scrapbooking, gardener, (sounds like: doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief from when I was a kid) or whatever, did you meet your goals? Let us know, besides, it’s one more entry into the contest. :D

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


nancy said...

I guess I can enter contest on this page.cant I ? MY week has been tiring*yawn*. I am REALLY far behind on my reading the only thing I have read in a month is Deadly Deceptions by Linda Lael Miller (By the way was a great continuance of MoJo's adventures!)Ive been buyin 'em but not reading 'em.

Ava Rose Johnson said...

Hi Vicki! I actually did meet my writing goals this week (which is a big surprise). Unfortunately, I didn't meet my reading goals. I'm looking forward to catching up on that this weekend.

Good luck with your goals and have a great trip! Sitting by the pool sounds really nice :)

Erica Ridley said...

Heyyy, I'm a writer and a reader and a scrapbooker! (And I'm not meeting my self-imposed goals on ANY of those fronts... /gah)

Keep at the editing Vicki! You're making great progress!!

Vicki said...

nancy - of course you enter on this page. Actually any page or pages during the week will enter you. I understand the buying and not reading. I have way too many in my TBR pile

ava rose - Yay on meeting your writing goal!!! WhooHoo.

E - I happen to know that you did awesome on the writing goal. :D
Thanks for encouraging words...I will get this done.