Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bench...Really?!

I know there are a lot of blogs about RWA 2010 Conference, and this one is no different. I just happen to have a different take on where the magic happens. Go figure, right?!

I learned more about the craft, met new people, hung out with old friends and put faces to internet friends. But, all in all, my most memorable time at this conference, as well as all the others, is the bench.

Outside, away from the hustle and bustle that is conference. Where people meet to relax and unwind. Where water, iced coffee and pink lemonade abound. That is the bench!

This year we commandeered not one, but two benches and deemed them the V.I.P. area. There was always a steady stream of people and Christine swears I never left (although I did quite often). Although, I did seem to be there whenever she strolled up. Hmmm

The best part about the bench…whenever there was a lull, suddenly a text would beep on my phone that said: V.I.P.

Nothing more was needed. We knew right where to go to find comfort amongst friends.

The conversations we’d have, no matter if it was at 2:00pm or 2:00am were by far the funniest, most interesting and compelling I had with anyone at the conference. I can honestly say I laughed, cried and contemplated the mysteries of writing and life on those benches with people that I hope will be in my life forever.

On the bench there was no pretense. We were mostly women—poor Jaci’s Biker Dude was totally outnumbered—but he was AWESOME and I’m sure up for Sainthood by now. And my new, bestest bud Sarah, who not only has a rock star mom, Maya, she is a rock star in her own right. Such a great girl—I’m just sayin’. Luv that girl!!!

But, I digress…

We were women just talking about life, and writing while finding common ground as people. Never once did I feel as if it mattered to these awesome people around me who was published, or who wasn’t, who was an editor or an agent. The only thing that mattered on that bench was that we all “clicked”.

No one can teach you how to have moments like those. It’s about being yourself and hoping everyone around you gets you and your wry sense of humor.

REALLY?! **insert head tilt here** ;-D

Hugs & Smooches


Jaci Burton said...

I really miss the bench. It made the whole conference for me.

And I really miss you guys already. :-)

LKap said...

It's a tradition - and your VIP seating has already been reserved on the Bus :-)))

Vicki said...

I know I keep saying this, but it was the best!

Next year we'll find our bench, it might be a street corner and who knows what we might have to fight off at first, but we'll find it. And 'really', once they've seen us there a few times, they'll get we own it if just for a few days.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

I had an awesome time at the conference but I definitely missed out on the bench experience. Sounds like you gals had some fun!