Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nymph's - Which One Are You?

Over on eHarlequin, author Stephanie Draven, did a post on What kind of Nymph are you. Now this post was a few month's back (July 20th), but the quiz looked fun and her cover is great.

So with all the hussle and bussle (that's a nice way of saying holiday stress), I'm posting my nymph self below with the link to find out who your nymph self is.

Gotta say, it would be nice to look like that. :)

So, check it out and let us know who your nymph self is.

What Is Your Nymph Type?

Land Nymph

Land nymphs come in many varieties such as Auloniads (pastures), Leimakids (meadows), and Napaeae (mountain valleys, glens).

Personality Test Results

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Happy holidays,

1 comment:

Ann Schach said...

What fun...I am a wood nymph!