Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Moving, Sick Puppies, Judging Contest, and Writing?

The past few weeks have been crazy for me. My office moved into a new building as of this past Friday. All 170 of us packing and moving to a new location that is across the street from what we call our main campus. I work for a very large company and this is the web side of that business. We’re not brick and mortar. But we are retail.

I was/am in charge of the move.

Fun you asked? Not so much. For six weeks I’ve been meeting with the builders for their questions on build outs. I’ve met with the people who will be bringing in the simple things like refrigerators (they’re not in yet). And, I’ve met with the people who this morning will report to their new digs.

The questions, the problems, and the concern had been answered. I thought they had anyway. That was until I went in on Saturday to set up my computer.

NO INTERNET CONNECTION!!! This is not good. Remember I said we are the web side of the business. Kinda hard to work without the internet.

So, today will be…hmmmm…interesting to say the least. It’s time to start making the punch list of things that must be done today but won’t be fixed until sometime this week. Can you say the Indians will be restless?

Science Guy (did I mention he is not Bill Nye) went to NY for his daughter’s college graduation last Wednesday. I could not go…the move, remember. While he was gone my puppies, who I promise to put pictures up soon, were sick. So, everyday after working on the above mentioned move I came home to bath them (again) and try to make them feel better. Gave them their meds and made sure they got outside bunches.

He came home on Sunday and they are finally much better. Yeah!!!

Plus I had contest entries to finish judging. Those had to be done regardless of work, puppies, home alone, and writing. I signed on as a coordinator for a category and judged as well. I don’t take my responsibilities lightly. Since they are due back at the next TARA meeting they had to be done which means reading them, judging them (in pencil of course) and reading back over them one more time just in case. Normally I wouldn’t have to read them twice but with the afore mentioned move I needed, no had to make sure that I did the job correctly.

Writing. Again, not so much. The past two weeks had produced nothing, nada, zip. My brain would not cooperate once I came home from the day job and began the mommy job to the sick puppies.

That is until yesterday. I took my Quick Pad and headed off to writer and reader heaven. Yep, the hallowed Barnes and Noble. With my Caramel Frap in hand I sat down and finally wrote. Okay, so it was only 5 pages when I came home and transferred it to my laptop. But they are 5 new pages and while they are still in the POS state they will work.

My TARA sister, Kelly R would tell me that everyone can spend 15 minutes a day writing something. She’s right, of course. I just couldn’t seem to make myself turn on the computer and do the whole BICHOK thing during the past two weeks.

I had even thought My muse is gone or maybe more apropos “Oh where, oh where has my little muse gone.” The thing is this time she didn’t go anywhere. Thank you, thank you. She was waiting on me. She didn’t go on vacation (she loves the beach) instead she waited patiently for me to come back and listen to her.

To put it all together, the move has happened, although today will be interesting to say the least, Science Guy is home (so glad about that one), the puppies are better, and I’m writing again. Whew!!! I survived.

How about you? Has the past few weeks been draining on your creativity? Do you let it happen or are you stubborn and refuse to give into it?

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,

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