Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wedding, Renewals and Friends

Before I begin this weeks blog I’d like to ask for a moment of silence.

It’s a very sad day in Snarkville. I still can’t believe that Miss Snark is retiring. What will we do with her wisdom, honesty, Crapometer, the cluegun used as needed and just plain fun. She has stopped many of us from becoming nitwits and pulled several of us that were already there back to the other side. Killer Yapp has taken his toll on us when needed and keep her gin pail handy.

Just in case you haven’t read her blog(who in the writing industry hasn’t read her???) she will leave the blog up and you can go back through the archives of truth, wisdom, and stiletto heel crushings.

I wish her much happiness as she continues her search for Mr. Clooney and that her gin pail never runs dry.

She has taught us well. She will be missed greatly.

The Wedding Renewal…

Saturday some very good friends of mine renewed their vows. They have been married for twenty-five years and they wanted all of us to know that it does work and they love each other more now than ever.

If you knew them then you would never believe it has been twenty-five years. First off, neither one of them look old enough to be married that long. They don’t act like it as well.

I went over to Mary’s house that morning along with Dorothy, (part of the brat pack from way back) and we fixed her hair and make-up. Mary doesn’t wear much makeup but she let us do her up right for the pictures.

She was beautiful! She was glowing! She looked just like a bride should look on her wedding day minus the white dress. She wore purple. Her favorite color.

So many friends, so little time. There were people there that I used to sing with and it was great to see them again. To catch up on everyone’s life, kids, and yes, some of them have grandchildren. I do not. Not yet anyway.

This past week has been crazy for me since I’m in charge of a 200 people building move at my work. We actually move this coming Friday so once again I’ll work many hours and not have much writing done by the end of the week. Ugh!!! But this to shall pass or so I’m told.

The reason I tell you about the move/work is due to the many hours I have worked I almost did not attend the wedding. I came very close to calling Dorothy to tell her she’d have to do the hair and makeup herself.

I was just plain tired. I didn’t want to drive across the bridge to the other side of Tampa.

Then I remembered the post that Carly Phillips had on Plotmonkeys
about “The One”. A small sidebar here is you will allow me. If you are not reading the Plotmonkeys daily then you are missing an amazing blog by four truly great authors.

Although I don’t see Mary and Henry that often they are part of my “The Ones” group. This day was special and I was going tired or not.

I’m so glad that I did. Old friends, food, laughing, and a beautiful day is something that you can’t replace. I did say food right? MaryDell, a woman from the church I used to attend cooked all the food. She is a wizard in the kitchen. The roast beef will literally melt in your mouth. And the mashed potatoes and gravy…well, let’s just say it was All Good.

So what about you? Have you missed something that you later wished you hadn’t? Have you went when you were just plain worn out and then so glad that you did? I’ve done both and let me tell you the second one is more often the best.

As always – Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Nienke said...

What scares me is that I have to choose what to attend, I simply can't go to every book release party, author reading, and writing group event that comes along. I try to use word of mouth as my guide and, although I've regretted some I've missed, I try to make sure I get to the ones I know I don't want to miss.
Love your blog, btw! Welcome to blogland!

Vicki said...

Hi Nienke - Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you like the blog.

I know what you mean. Try as I may I can't get to everything either.