Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pay It Forward Winners, Saturday Check Out, and a Meme

I'm so excited!!! It's Saturday and I get to announce the Pay It Forward winners. :D

Sarai and Ellie (I did not have a link for Ellie). WhooHoo!!! Yay and congrats to you both.

The link above will take you back to the orginal post. I loved this idea and when I won I could not wait to do it on my blog.

So, Sarai and Ellie, in order to accept your prizes you will now need to also Pay It Forward.

The prizes you can choose from are:

1. One book and an author goody bag
2. Two books
3. Author goody bag – this one has more stuff in it than the one with the book

Please email me at vickilanewrites at and let me know which you would like. Please give me two choices as the first person to respond will have their first pick.

Now for a Saturday Check Out: Alison Kent is blogging over on the Plotmonkeys today. She is talking about Plotting and Braiding Hair. You'll have to go read it to know what I/She means. Trust me it is worth the read.

Also, don't forget the Manuscript Maven's story is continuing on. If you haven't read them, today is a great day to read the past ones and catch up. The story is great and you can vote on what is going to happen next. And, there are prizes to be given away when the story is completed. Hunk, and suspense, and comedy, oh my…

I was tagged so here you go:

Like Karen I was tagged twice. First by Sarah and then Karen.

So here goes, six unimportant things about me.

They say the rules of this meme are simple:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.

4. Tag six random people at the end of your blog entry.

5. Let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.


1. I have curly hair, starts about two inches from the top of my head. Although most people never see it any way but straight.

2. Although Rock is my favorite music, I love Opera too.

3. My real name is Vicki, not Victoria, which I wish my mom had named me. I'd still go by Vicki, but I like Victoria. :)

4. I had to give away my bestest dog, Teddy, in the world in order to keep a very close friend from losing her condo.

5. When I was young I always held my nose if we drove over bridges.

6. I can't sleep with socks on my feet at night.

And as per the rules I am linking back to Karen Lingefelt and Sarah Makela. For my tags…hmmmm…, I know how much you all love to do these things, hee hee, so here is who I shall tag. Stephie, Patricia, Danika, Bill, Ava Rose, and last but never ever least, Tawny

Wow, that was a lot for a Saturday! Hope you are having a great weekend doing what you love best.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Carolyn Jean said...

Congrats, pay it forward winners! And Congrats, Vicki, on running a great contest. I had so much fun, and I can see you did, too.

Hey, I had a friend named Victoria, and she was always sort of bummed that she was named after a car, the "Ford Victoria" rather than the queen. So maybe the grass isn't greener on the Victoria side!

Sarah said...

Wow! I would never have guessed that you have curly hair! It always looks so straight and wonderful. I love Rock music, too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Patricia W. said...

Gee, thanks, Vicki not Victoria!

Now I have to think of six more unimportant things that I haven't already shared about myself. LOL!

Patricia W. said...

Gee, thanks, Vicki not Victoria!

Now I have to think of six more unimportant things that I haven't already shared about myself. LOL!

Ava Rose Johnson said...

Congratulations to the Pay it Forward winners!

And wow Vicki, your #4 nearly broke my heart. And #5 made me laugh out loud:0

Will do this meme either tomorrow or Monday!

Vicki said...

carolyn jean - Could be true about the grass greener, so maybe I can pretend to be Victoria, or maybe a character will pop up in book name that. :)

Sarah - Rock is my very favorite of music, but I do love most any music.

Patricia - Sorry, (blushes), but I love reading the things you put on your blog.

Ava Rose - #4 for a hard one for me. I had Teddy for six years and he was such a great dog. He was my family. The thing was, my friend had been injured and to this day can no longer work. At the time, she needed me to move in with her and share her two bedroom condo to help pay the bills. It was that or she would have lost it. I found a great home for Teddy, but still miss him. For several years I had to put away his pictures and stuff even though I knew he was happy where he was.

Bill Clark said...

Hi, Vicki!

Thanks for the TARA info. I've downloaded the RWA application and am chewing on it (not literally, but literarily). Though I am always writing romantic scenarios in my head, and sometimes in various blog threads, I'm not sure I'm really cut out to be a romance writer. (Even though Miss E seemed to enjoy my brief fling with Lord Evesham and Miss Kitty!)

As for the tag, I'd like to pass this time. Just spent the afternoon at a funeral, and am not really up for a meme. Besides, there ARE no unimportant details about me. :-)

Vicki said...

Bill, I'm sorry to hear about the funeral. My thoughts go out to both you and the family. No worries on the meme.

Debby said...

Hey, Vicki! Great stuff on your blog! And thanks for the words of wisdom on mine. Keep in touch.
Debby Mayne

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Tagged again! Eek!

I'll post in on my Word on Wednesday this week. :-)