Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Full, I'm Tired, and I'm Happy

I'm hoping each of you had a wonderful Christmas and the memories are sweet and long lasting.

Science Guy, Golfer Dude, and I had a great day. I started cooking at 6:00AM. Yes, you read that right, it was six in the morning. I'd cooked a ham the night before, but still needed to cook a pumpkin pie and Chocolate Delight before I started working on the Christmas dinner.

Now mind you there were only three of us eating, but really what's a holiday dinner without all the trimmings. Suffice it to say we have tons of leftovers. But the day was great. We chilled, okay so SG and GD chilled, but I had fun making the food and spending time with the family.

The rest of our family lives in different towns and states so calls were made through out the day. We watched Christmas movies and ate. A lot. Way too much.

Thank goodness we have a week between Christmas and New Years because honestly we all need the rest.

I've done a little shopping for sales on holiday items, but everywhere I went it was completely crazy so I finally gave up. I'll get it next year if I really need it. :0

Oh yeah and I owe a couple of people some books. Really sorry about that. I thought I'd mailed them and then found the boxes with my other boxes (will we ever be truly moved in). So I promise to get them out to you this weekend.

Friday we'll be talking about goals. How we did and making new ones for the new year. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on making goals and checking them out. Kinda like Santa, got check them twice. :)



LKap said...

Yep - it was crazy around the Kapkowski household. Guests flew in as a surprise and the house was full of family and friends for the entire weekend. I think coming back to work has been my vacation...LOL

Vicki said...

Hey L, the only problem with this holiday is we've been on different vaca days and haven't seen each other in 4ever.

I'm glad you had a great one and the family coming in is cool. :)

See you Thursday.