Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's the Hap..Happiest Time of the Year....


Okay so Scrooge is in the house. This time of year makes me crazy. The running, shopping, volunteering, the wrapping of presents and decorating the house.

Whew...Are you as tired as I am by just reading all that. And that didn't include cleaning the house before and after all the guests come and leave.

I have a friend that makes me listen to Christmas music whenever I'm around her and I have to admit it does help--a little. But this year has seemed to fly by me and I can't catch my breath.

I think the Scrooginess has been exasperated this year because princess is no longer a child--hasn't been in some time. But this year feels like the end of an era. And that would totally explain why I'm feeling a bit meloncholy this year. I never gave much thought to what would happen when the girl child grew up and what it would do to the holidays. Now I know and don't care for it one bit.

On a positive note--I have friends in from Italy and have gotten to spend some time with them over the past week. And for Christmas dinner we have decided to do un-traditional for our family: Lasagne is the main course. I'm very excited about having family and friends around, because I am thankful everyday for having them in my life.

I'll be over on Sasha White's blog on Saturday the 19th - come see me!!!

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Vicki said...

You have been a busy person this season. So glad you're getting to enjoy some time off. :) Can't wait to see M!!!