Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ramble with Write or Die...

I've decided to use Dr. Wicked's write or Die to write my blog. I haven't the slightest idea what will come out of it, but in the 9 minutes and 29 seconds I have left I'll figure something out. Or that's the idea of this little exercise.

A friend turned me on to this and its fun, but I have trouble thinking on my feet and also think that I had too much editing to do once I've completed the time quota. Of course, I didn't go into this with a plot or a plan. I write by the seat of my pants in most cases. And when I get stuck oh look out - I never know what will come out. Even if I have plotted and have an idea where I'm going. But I have 10 minutes at the day job and I've been very lackadaisical in my blogging so I figured this would get it done.

Has anyone else tried this?

It gets the ideas out in the open so if nothing else you have a plot to add to or take away knowledge that you might not have let form on the page otherwise.

So here I sit still writing about nothing, but amazingly enough I already have 207 as of the number there. Pretty amazing if you ask me. And lord knows I can't stop for too long or it will start to flash and play obnoxious music at me until I start writing again--as if that isn't motivation to get your fingers moving.

I bring up this exercise because I am once again stuck in my WIP and will be using this feature to get out of said rut, or should I say maybe it will help my characters to rut. Sorry that was a little forward wasn't it? LOL

I do love the things that I think of which is usually nothing of great importance, but I promise, except for spelling errors I will be posting this in it's entirety just so you can see that as the mind flows the stuff that comes out is sometimes good and sometimes not.

I've also got the distraction of the day job around me and what is usually quiet is now bustling with activity. I'm not good with background noise when I'm trying to think, so as of now my word count hasn't increased too much 394 now, it's crazy in ten minutes I've been known to write over 600 words or more. I don't think that's going to happen.

Oh dear- this is when I hate cube life, after coming out of office life.

This too shall pass and someone will finally get back to work. But me - I still have just under 2 minutes to keep rambling about nothing.

So tell me have any of you done this before and what do you think about it?

Do you find this a useful tool? Or is it a PITA for your writing?

I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but if anyone wants to infuse some insight to me more power to you - I'm always willing to listen to how others write.

Just remember I can't write with music...remember those people next to me, yeah music is just as annoying to me as people chatter when I'm concentrating.

Ok time is up
Have a great Day

(Oh this is 556 words)
Add on: now think how much you could do if you really had a topic to write about

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