Thursday, April 8, 2010


Why is it most women want things that sparkle and shine?

I’ll admit, wholeheartedly, that I am said woman. Just take a look at my jewelry chest. Of course most of it isn’t the “real” stuff, but I’m not tellin’ what is and what isn’t. If you can’t figure it out, I’m not sayin’ a word. ;-)

I even have four different wedding sets. Why? Honestly…who the hell knows. But they were shiny and bigger than my original (which, BTW I still wear most often), and I wanted them.

And it’s not just about jewelry, we like bling on our bags, our jeans, shirts—name it we want it sparkly. I know I’ve gone off the deep end when HHB will look at me funny when I pick up a shirt with sequins all over it and he says, “Of course you like that.”

Which then, leads me to think that men do not like shiny, sparkly on their women. Any men out there – I’d love to pick your brains on that.

The way I see it, as in the animal kingdom most of the male species are the pretty ones, while the female species just picks the one that demonstrates the brightest colors, strongest alpha traits, or prettiest tune. I know there are more examples but I won’t completely bore you.

I’m finding though that we as females are trying to “out-shine” our counterparts, who are supposed to make other males feel inferior to them, that they have won the prize of the female. But here we are trying to shine and sparkle our way into the lime-light.

Odd when you analyze it because if we chose the alpha male, wouldn’t we want to not draw attention to ourselves so that every other female knows how great we have it and try to steal said cream of the crop away? Or then the other theory I have is that men just don’t like to be out-shined—which probably makes more sense….LOL… My mind, sometimes has a mind of its own.

What’s your theory on why we like shiny, sparklies?
One lucky winner will win something shiny (it will be a surprise) - but you have to comment to win. ;-D



Anonymous said...

i t can mean have money to spend adn we like high stauts and want men to look at us

men have shingy things too like big watches


Vixen Pearl said...
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Vixen Pearl said...

Hm... you have good points there, Laurie. I don't know why we're wired different than most other species. I sometimes half-wonder if it's less being biologically wired to want to show off our bling and more socially ingrained trait: We're brought up to recognize that the woman wearing the Crown Jewels is Queen and has great authority; we're brought up to believe a "diamond is forever". Were we taught that, say, a piece of driftwood had some sort of social status attached to it, culturally, wouldn't we salivate over that, even if presented with the Hope diamond? I don't know if I answered the question, but perhaps it's food for thought. :)

Anonymous said...

To quote a famous literary character....."I like to eat sparklies...." Ok so maybe not a direct quote but you get the idea!!!