Thursday, October 29, 2009

Interesting Realization…….. Oh and a Halloween Treat

So as I sit here and try to think of something other than my book to write that you might be interested in reading. I’ve realized that I really do not like October. Yes as a whole. And yes that includes Halloween.

How is that you ask?

Well even though I love paranormal. I loathe scary. Which if you watch any amount of cable network programming there is nothing but scare the pants off you movies. Can’t do it—I’m way to visual. Okay so I can’t read it either—again with the visual mind games that I do to myself.

I used to love the Halloween parties, the dressing up, the taking my daughter trick or treating. But now I stay at home—so no dress up, no parties, no trick or treating. You don't have to think it, I'll say it - yes, I'm quite boring these days

So since it’s so close to Halloween and most of us are too old to go out and get goodies – I’m bringing them to you. And how fitting is it that it's a paranormal romance and one of my favorite series out there.

It just so happens that a close friend of mine, Shayla Black, released book 3 of the Brethren series, Possess Me at Midnight, this week and to show my support I’m giving away her book in my bag o’ treats.

Here’s what you’ll win:

Read the exerpt:

Now here are the rules:
For your treat, I need a trick. Okay get your head out of the gutter (oh was it just me). Seriously, I want to know your favorite Brethren brother, and why (what is it that pulls you to that character).

Mine? Oh so hard to choose. Ice - which PMAM happens to be about (Yum-O), then there's Shock (good/bad, I don't know either, but boy can he do them both well). Then there's Duke - hummm...I seem to be indecisive.

Well since I can't make up my mind have fun learning about them on Shayla's site and let me know yours.

11/1 Contest is now closed!!!


LaurieP said...

Why can't I have them all???

Maggi said...

I refuse to pick just one!!! I love them all and would not kick any of them out of the bed for eating crackers...

Brandy W said...

Shock....hands down for me. I would take him above all others. Good/Bad I'll take it.

I totally thought you said no PANTIES not parties. heehee

Bonnie Jean said...

Dude, I'm so hot for Duke its ridiculous haha Ice is utterly droolworthy though :D
Don't enter me in the contest, I've got my copy - I just wanted an excuse to say how much I want Duke *fans self*

Anonymous said...

Shock does it for me. yum what a treat he would be on Halloween

Shayla Black said...

I'm asked all the time to pick one. I just can't. I love them all for individual reasons...but I'll confess that I'm eager to get under Shock's skin. I also suspect Lucan is going to keep breaking my heart, that damn man. At the moment, I'm having a lovefest with Ice. Of all my heroes, he behaved the best to me, ever. Very easy to write. :-)

Amy M said...

I love Marrok and Lucian. There is just something about those two that just do it for me!

LKap said...

Laurie P (writing that feels odd after being married so long - my maiden name started with a P...LOL)
Maggi -
Hi to you too.
Maggie & LaurieP -
I guess you can have them all since Shayla is writing them to share ;-) (you hussies you..LOL *BG*)

Brandy -
Right there with you darlin'. Shock is just well...shocking - I like that in a man. P-A-R-T-I-E-S - silly girl ;-)

Bonnie Jean -
Duke is very yummmmmmy too
See this is why I couldn't make up my mind either. Thanks for popping by ;-*

Anonymous -
Looks like we're going to have a throw down for Shock...LOL
And yes he would be a yummy treat.

Amy M -
Yes those men are the strong silent types - ummm wonder what's in store for Lucan I know I can't wait to find out.

Miss Shayla Black ~ ~ ~
Is in the house!!!
Well you know how I feel about can't wait. And PMAM is ICE's story so Le'Pant, Le'Pant.It's good to know he's such a good boy ;-P
As for Lucan - dear lord I don't think I can take much more heartache for that man *sigh* he just needs a good woman to heal him.

Thanks for popping in everyone!!!

Ali said...

ooh, good question :)
I'm with LaurieP, I want them all *bg* My first pick will be Marrok, though... since he's the first I fell in love with *sigh*
No need to enter me... I have my bk :)

Barbara E. said...

I'd also like to have them all, but if I have to pick just one, then it would have to be Shock.

Shayla Black said...

My, Shock is just so popular. Now how do y'all know he's not playing for the dark side??? In truth, there's something I like about each one of them. Curious to know, for those who have read PMAM, if you feel any differnt about Bram now... Thanks for stopping, y'all!

Patty D said...

It is Marrok for me. I am a little behind and havent read all three books.

Amy said...

*Hangs head in shame* I CAN'T pick my favorite for the legitimate but shameful reason that I haven't read any of the Brethren books. I've read Shayla's Wicked Lovers books, and Bound and Determined & Strip Search, but I am obviously remiss in having not reading this series. I'll have to correct that ASAP.

flchen1 said...

Seriously, do I have to choose just one? Let's go with Duke--lean but deadly is terribly appealing :D