Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Check In and Contest

Last weeks contest winner is tetewa!! Congrats, I’m sure you’re going to love the book. Email me your snail mail at vickilanewrites at

My word count for the past week is 3198. Not too bad considering I didn’t write at all this weekend. Saturday I did this huge yard sale at a park. The city does all of the promoting for it, they have a bandstand with music the entire time and a food court type area. I’m not really that big on “doing” yard sales but this ended up being fun and I made some extra cash.

Sunday was a family thing and then Science Guy and I put in a decorative fence in the backyard. Actually the back yard is privacy fenced but I wanted an area for the babies when they didn’t need to run the entire yard.

The instructions looked simply enough. Measure, pound in the stake, put the fence piece on top of said stake and put the pole through it. Yeah, sounds easy. Not so much. It took much much longer than we thought and pulling out the stakes to put them in again even though we measured.

But the results are great. It looks pretty and does the job all in one.

Okay, for the fun part. This week’s contest giveaway is autographed copy of Terri Garey’s new book Dead Girls Are Easy. Click the title to read an excerpt.

And to wet your appetite here’s the back cover blurb:

There's something about almost dying that makes a girl rethink her priorities. Take Nicki Styx—she was strictly goth and vintage, until a brush with the afterlife leaves her with the ability to see dead people.

Before you can say boo, Atlanta's ghosts are knocking at Nicki's door. Now her days consist of reluctantly cleaning up messes left by the dearly departed, leading ghouls to the Light . . . and one-on-one anatomy lessons with Dr. Joe Bascombe, the dreamy surgeon who saved her life. All this catering to the deceased is a real drag, especially for a girl who'd rather be playing hanky-panky with her hunky new boyfriend . . . who's beginning to think she's totally nuts.

But things get even more complicated when a friend foolishly sells her soul to the devil, and Nicki's new gift lands her in some deep voodoo.

As it turns out for Nicki Styx, death was just the beginning.

So, how was your week? Did you reach your goals you’d set in writing? If you’re joining the 75 Sweat or the 100x100 let us know. Did life and things you had to do get in the way this week?

Did you read anything new that you absolutely loved? We always love to hear about new books.

Leave your comments to be entered in this week’s contest.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Patricia W. said...

Did I reach my week's goal? Not exactly. My goal was to write 13,256 words, to finish my first draft.

I wrote 6,510, about half of what I intended. So I didn't finish the first draft.

But I did write a revised synopsis, which hacked the original draft to shreds, reworking scenes and plotlines, filling in plot holes and plugging character weaknesses. The result? I have a much stronger story.

Vicki said...

You did great! And writing a synopsis is the hardest part. At least for me, anyway. :)

Danika / OpenChannel said...

I'm not familiar with that author, but I like the title of her book. haha. BTW - where do you get all these books each week?

I'm back from my mini-summer vacation (just in time for fall!). I did NOT take my computer with me (yay!) although I did write several pages by hand. I've only typed some of it in for a total of 1,769 words last week.

Now, that's fine for a week's worth of work, but it's not the 600 words per day I need to write to finish by the holidays. I'll have to step it up this week. :-)

I liked your cute writing thermometer, so I added one in my blog.

Vicki said...

Welcome back Danika. You were missed.

You had a great week, you were on vacation and still wrote. Awesome.

You'll finish this book. I have faith in you. Beside's I'll help push you the finish line. :D

Jill James said...

Finally started work on my new WIP, did 700 words this weekend to get chapter 1 started.

Vicki said...

Jill, that's great. Starting is always the hardest for me. Not that I don't have the ideas for the beginning but I want to edit the first chapter to near perfection before I go forward. It's a habit I'm hoping to break.

Can't wait to hear what the new book is about.

Julie S said...

Fence installation is hard! We did one a few years ago and...never again (I hope).

I wrote about 5,000 new words over the weekend, but then deleted 6,000 old words. Blah.

And I read Kidnapped, by Jo Leigh. It was fabulous.

Erica Ridley said...

Holy crap! Killer BCL progress! 2178?!

*bows before you*


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Sounds like you had a fun but busy weekend--finishing a project always feels good, doesn't it? Can't wait to finish this writing project... ;)

Joy Renee said...

just dropping by to say thanx for dropping by my poem and post honoring the anniversary of my Dad's passing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tetewa and happy reading!

Congrats ladies on your writing!

Oh the contest book sounds great!

Terri W.

Vicki said...

Thanks Erica. It was a great scene to write. I love it when I think I want/need to sto band it just keeps coming.

Julie - deleting words is always hard. I hate to do it at the time but love it in the end. Adding 5k words is amazing though!

Alyssa - It's sort of funny because I'm going to be sorry to see this one end. What are you writing now? How far are you?

Joy - you have an incredible blog and your post was beautiful. I'll be stopping by more often. :)

Terri - Hey how's your week going?

tetewa said...

Thanks for the congrats I'm looking forward to this read! I'm currently reading Lord of the Fading Lands by C. L. Wilson I received this ARC from Dorchester Pub. This is going to be a great new series I advise everybody to get your copies when it comes out Oct. 2nd.