Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Life From A to Z - in lieu of T13 This Week

I read this over at Pat’s blog, who found it on Gwyneth Bolton’s, who found it on…well, you’ll have to link back to all of them because I’m sure it continues on much like the “Song that will not end”.

Thought it was pretty cool, so instead of the normal T13 this week I’m doing this one. Feel free to use it on your own blog. If you do, link to it in the comments so we’ll know to go check it out.

My Life From A to Z

A - Age: Yeah, right. I’m older that 38 and younger than 60…you’ll have to guess on your own, unless you already know. Hee hee

B - Best Friend: Laurie K. and Willis (aka Dorothy)

C - Choice of Meat: Love a really great Steak but also love, love Fish, and of course chicken. Okay, so I like most meat.

D - Dream Date: Science Guy and I having a nice dinner and then walking on the beach watching the sunset. Really, I love that.

E - Exciting Adventure: Hmmmm…I had to think about this one. Of course I agree with Pat the journey to publication is amazing but one of the things I really want to do is go see the Whales. As far as an EA that I actually done, one of them would be going to New York and Canada. I loved everything about the snow and all the fun I had playing in it. :)

F - Favorite Food: Pizza – nuff said on that one. :)

G - Greatest Accomplishment: My kids would be first and coming back to writing after so many years. There are others but I’ll leave it at that.

H - Happiest Day of Your Life: There are several, of course the birth of my children. What mother wouldn’t say that, unless she’s not right. But seriously, meeting SG was a big one.

I - Interests: Writing, Reading, Painting, Singing, Acting, and hanging out with friends who usually like to talk about Writing. :)

J - Joke: Not on this one. I mean do you want me to tell you a joke or tell you about a joke played on someone?

K - Kool-Aid: Lime or purplesuresrex (I think that one was grape and lemonade mixed together actually) and neither are easy to find.

L - Love: giving of yourself to others. Putting their feelings before you own, being able to be quiet with each other and still know that it’s all good.

M - Most Valued Possession: My grandmothers sweater and homemade quilt, my fathers flag (although I don’t actually have that anymore), Cards my family and friends have given me. Things like that are valued. The rest is stuff. Don’t get me wrong I have stuff that I really like, maybe even love but it’s stuff nonetheless.

N - Name: Vicki, V once in a while from Laurie, Vic from several people, Leon from Willis

O - Outfit You Love: Black dress and the strappy sandals that go with it.

P - Pizza Toppings: Mushrooms, black olives, onions, maybe bacon or pepperoni, but I like the first three the most.

Q - Question Asked To You the Most: Is your book finished? Or how soon will it be on the shelves to buy? I love the thought of the second one, but have to explain to them the process of first being contracted and then how long it can actually take to hit the shelves once that happens.

R - Radio Station: 94.9, which doesn’t really tell you much, but they play a little bit of everything on there.

S - Sport: Nascar! Basketball and baseball. I watch football and hockey with SG sometimes but they’re not my favorite.

T - Television Show: Hero’s and in January 24. I like several others but those are my fav's. The writers on Hero's are amazing!!! So many plots, so many important characters.

U - Umbrella in the rain?: Yes, my hair has natural curl to it when I don’t blow it dry, so I try not to get it wet once I've blown and straightened it.

V - Video: We really don’t watch a lot of video’s so I’m not sure what to put here.

W - Winter: My winter consist of sometimes a chilly and sometimes pull out the shorts days. I would love to have actual seasons; I loved the snow when I was in New York a couple of years ago.

X - X-rays recently?: No

Y - Year Born: Ummm…hello, I may be blonde but this kinda goes back to the letter A and age thing.

Z - Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Your turn, any of these you'd like to tell us or are you going to do this on your blog? Link back to me so we can check it out.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Patricia W. said...

Leon? I'm not a kool-aid person, as you know from reading my post, but I love lime jello.

And I didn't even catch the double age/year thing. I never think twice about telling so it didn't occur to me. I might feel differently in a few years.

Vicki said...

Pat - the Leon thing started on a road trip. One of my closest friends and I went to see our kids in college (they went to the same school). Tired from working all day and then driving late into the night we came up with all sorts of silly games. At one point I looked over at her and said, "It's your turn, Willis." to which she replied, "I'm thinking, Leon." The nicknames kinda stuck from there. :)

I even bought her an initial necklace with a W on it. Talk about questions since her maiden name started with a W but not her newly married name.

Ava said...

Hey, I'm a Scorpio too!

Cool post, I think I'll do it on my own blog next week:)

Vicki said...

Hey Ava, Let me know when you post it and I'll link to it. :)

Scorpio's Rock!! It's amazing how many we have in my local chapter, TARA

Bill Clark said...

Ummm…hello, I may be blonde but...

Too funny!