Monday, January 14, 2008

Awesome Weekend

This past weekend was our monthly TARA meeting and it was great.
The morning part of the meeting, June Bowen, spoke on goals and everyone raved about it. I missed that part since the board met to work on the by-laws. Yep, it’s by-law time in the wonderful world of RWA and our local chapters. Actually it is a good thing, just a little time consuming.

Our very own Erica presented the afternoon workshop on websites. She gave us fabulous information on what to do and not do on our sites, how to drive more people to the site, and more. Notes taken, questions asked, and answered. The only thing we needed was more time. :)

Check out her blog this morning, she posted about it as well. Oh and you might asked her about spider monkeys. (VBG)

We are gearing up for the first annual TARA writers retreat and it is going to be great. Our speaker for the retreat is Michael Hauge and this girl couldn’t be more excited! More to come on the retreat later.

Sunday I finished taking down the Christmas stuff. I know, really late doing that this year. The past couple of weekends just didn’t allow time for it. Although I wanted more than anything to work on AT&B revisions, the Santa’s and Snowmen had to go back to their dark cave (Rubbermaid containers) until next year.

My house looks so open and clean. I love putting it all up and enjoy it each and everyday, but when it’s time to go away…well, the house no longer seems clean. Instead it feels cluttered and not organized. Now it is back to normal. Yay!

So, how was your weekend? Did you work on your book or read a great book? If you haven’t made your goals for the New Year are you working on them? If you have, did you write them down and put them in front of you?

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,

If you haven’t voted yet, I’m listed on the Preditors & Editors’ Readers Choice poll and yes, I’m promoting me. I’d love to have your vote. :)


Bill Clark said...

This past weekend was our monthly TARA meeting and it was great.

Wish I could have been there!

Patricia W. said...

Sounds like a great meeting. Putting my pennies together for membership.