Saturday, October 18, 2008

Her One Desire - Winner

I'm so excited to give away a copy of Kim's debut book! The winner is....the anticipation gathers...fingers are crossed, heck, maybe even toes...

Carol!!!! Email me your snail mail addy at vickilanewrite and I'll send the book along.

A little housekeeping, I never heard from Karin who won Susan Grants, Moonstruck. If I don't hear from her by Tuesday of next week, the randomizer will choose another winner.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

WW's and PD's,


Malicious Intent said...

Congrats on the award! You should get more!!! I so admire folks who can sit down and put their thoughts...or make up stories and create a book. To me that is one of the most amazing things. I hope day I can do it...but I am always attracted to the pretty shiny I think my stories will come mostly in the form of visuals. Which is ok...but what you do I greatly admire.

I publish a bi-monthly 20 page newsletter at work. I wrote occassionally my own article. I have been doing it for about 8y ears now and I still feel like a fish out of water...

I wrote the article on page 16 (I also designa ll the ads, graphics etc and format/publish the whole thing.)

Cover article to page 3 here: (I want to go out) Gawd, I just found a typo in that one!

And this on page 12. One of my recent favorites..

When I write, I feel clumsy, awkward...dyslexia doesn't help and having that strong visual sensory need interferes. I don't want to read it, I want to see it. But then I want to write. I guess that is why I try it on blogging. I am feeling my way around about who I am when I write. Everything I write now is real life, advice, information, reporting etc.

Using my imagination on pen to paper is really hard for me to do.
Typo queen here. Thank goodness I have three editors.

Carol said...

Thanks so much.