Saturday, November 29, 2008

Auction for Author Jo Leigh

Please read below and click on the link above to check out all the items up for bid. There's something for everyone, readers or writers.

Permission to forward

Author Jo Leigh lost her husband this year to cancer. Theirs was a story of reunited lovers worthy of a romance novel. The loss of her husband hit her hard, both emotionally and financially. (authors are self-employed, so often have no medical insurance.)

In an effort to raise money to help her pay off those medical debts, the romance community has once again banded together to support one of their own and an auction is being held. This is a wonderful way to purchase gifts for yourself or a loved one AND write it off on your taxes.

Please spread the word to any loops, forums, etc. that you might be on.

I'm putting the link on the sidebar as well in order to keep it up during the auction.



Patricia W. said...

Thanks for posting this info, Vicki.

Pray you and yours had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. (I'm still stuffed!)

Liza said...

I've seen this on many sites, but will add it to my blog when I get home tonight. I'll also head over to the auction to start bidding.