Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Elissa Wilds – Between Light and Dark

Debut author, Elissa Wilds book Between Light and Dark has released. Woot!

She is a fellow TARA sister and I’m thrilled to be giving away a copy of it this week on the blog. That, and she is an amazing person.

Here’s the backcover blurb:

The strongest force on Earth can't be controlled. Not even by a powerful god or a talented witch!

He says it was foretold, an inescapable way to bring them together. All Laurell Pittman knows is that ungovernable need surges through her body whenever Axiom is near. Who is this godlike stranger who appears out of nowhere to steal her away from home? She ought to be terrified; instead, his kiss awakens unimaginable feelings, sensations of invisible hands stroking her body, a longing she can't deny. If she believes his claim--and in his arms, how can she not?--she is destined to conceive a very special child...and he is the appointed father. As he fights off demons and patiently teaches her to use her own undiscovered powers, she finds her heart going out to this Balancer who is equally at home with good and evil, teetering on the edge of temptation, eternally caught ...

And click here for an excerpt.

Leave your comments on any of this week’s post to be entered into the contest. Also, don’t forget the bookmarks. I’m giving away three of them this week and in case you missed seeing them, check here.

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Anonymous said...

the book sounds great

Anonymous said...

I have a sudden interest in demons and vampires lately. I would like to be entered (if international)

Judy said...

I really like the title!! Great excerpt!!

tetewa said...

Thanks for introducing me to another new author, sounds good!

Elissa Wilds said...

Hi everyone! Vicki, thanks so much for getting the word out about Between Light and Dark!!! I just finished writing a sequel, called Darkness Rising and sent it off to my editor this week. I'm waiting to find out the release date, but it will be sometime next year - possibly in the summer. Now, I'm working on a third book - still linked to the first two, tentatively titled Reclaim the Light. (But you know how titles go - the publisher might change it) Thanks, Angie, Violetcrush, Judy, and Tetewa for thinking of me and my book. Feel free to visit my website www.elissawilds.com and click on the Books link to see what others are saying about the book! Bright Blessings! Elissa

Minnette Meador said...

Wow...sounds like a great story, Vicki - Congrats on the release...and have fun with the upcoming journey! Minnette :)

Anonymous said...

Vicki!! Great book.

Now I need you to contact me at tina@tinarusso.com

Thanks and congrats to Elissa on her debut.