Thursday, April 30, 2009

RT 2009…………

The topic of conversation this week is RT 2009.

Yes, I admit I was a virgin to RT and I was totally blown away with the energy at this convention. Fairy Balls, vampires and hot men…Oh My!

I got to meet friends I talked to on-line and there is always that moment, of OMG will they like me, will they be the same on-line. And let me tell you – they weren’t…THEY WERE BETTER!!!

We were like the four musketeers. Very seldom did you see LKap without Vicki, Munk and Sue, and I loved every minute of it. And I can’t wait to do it again. Once I catch up on my sleep that is.

There was a special breakfast for Wicked Writers and the energy was so charged – even at that time of the morning. So to name drop just a little , our breakfast consisted of sharing a meal with Shayla Black, Sasha White, Sylvia Day, Cathryn Fox, Mackenzie McKade, and Karin Tabke. Talk about being star struck. Authors are my rock stars, so I was in heaven. Even though I have talked to almost all of these authors on line it is so not the same as sitting next to them and sharing a meal, or two. Let me tell you, if you don't know them - shame on you, because they all rock really hard as people and authors - run and get their books - I'll wait. *whistle, whistle, whistle*

Okay one more thing about RT, 'cause it was cool ....

Smart Bitches twittered about V and I – How cool is that! All because we gave her a pen when she needed it. Sarah was so cool too.

I now completely believe in this rule: Don’t stress.

Why you say.

Because I went to this convention for a girls weekend away, to have breakfast and to go to a book signing. That’s all, nothing else. I came away with wonderful memories, awesome new friends – some authors, some not, and memories that will stick with me forever. There is some other stuff, but that’s for a later date ;-)




Vicki said...

OMG, we had such a great time and it's so fun to read about it. Pics are coming from both of us soon. :)

Brandy W said...

I just checked out Munk's blog and saw pics of you guys. Lovin the hair!!!

I think just going there to have a good time might be the best possible way to experience it.

LKap said...

V - yes I know I need to get my pics done ;-)

Brandy -
The experience was so great I loved going as just a fan with no expectations - because then anything was possible. Sometime you need to hang with us ;-)

LKap said...

Brandy -
Almost forgot thanks for the compliment on my hair - its fun huh?!?!

Liza said...

Sounds like such fun! RWA is in my hometown next year(Nashville) and I can't wait to be star struck by all the authors...even the ones I blog with each day.

Brandy W said...

I do love the hair. I was just talking about this blog over on mine.

Oh how I love thee.....

It would be fun to kick it sometime.

LKap said...

Brandy we love you too and your blog!!!
Thanks for the compliment - the hair is finally back to where I like it....FUNKY!!
We'd love to kick it with you!

Vicki said...

Brandy - anytime, we'd love to hang together. :)

Liza - way cool, we get to meet you next year. :D

Billi Jean said...

I'm jealous!!! Next year. So glad you all had fun though. It sounds like one big fun time!

billi jean