Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen….and also Friday... ;-)

Thanks V for the idea, cause my mind is mush these days.

Lines from my WIP’s (work in progress) – hope you like them. BTW, these are in no particular order of my favorites. ;-)

He sniffed the air, keeping his dark eyes on her. “Smells like you’re in heat. I can help you out with that before you leave.”
Damn egotistical, arrogant, self centered…cowboy.
Come on in. The beer’s cold and the men and women are the hottest in town.
Danny, once we’re married I can tell you all my secrets.”
Legs flopping over the side of the bed, she wished just once to wake up, and not feel like she'd been thoroughly laid and still so unsatisfied.
So why did I feel like I was slowly dying from the inside out?
He was the reason why she couldn’t look at a man in a cowboy hat without panting. Damn him.
Oh save me from self-righteous humans, Fiona thought.
“So you’re having porn dreams, everybody does. What’s the big deal?”
“I don’t understand why you insist on doing tasks like a human. We’re Gods for crying out loud."
The flash of a camera caught her coyly smiling at him.
“What was that for?”
He stuck his hand towards her. “I’m Leroy Cavendish. I want to remember exactly what you looked like the night I finally met you.”
I need to get laid.

“The hell you didn’t just do that to me? Cat, I suggest you change back before I tranquilize your ass and have you neutered.

Let me know if you have a favorite ;-)



Malicious Intent said...

Your head my be a really interesting place...or a really scary place. Not sure...jury still out. :)

LKap said...

I'm thinking I should take that as a compliment. Thanks Malicious ;-)

Vicki said...

I can't pick a fav, I love them all. I know which books these go to and what happens around the lines.

Of course I do love Fiona :)And then there's #13...really all of them. :)

Malicious Intent said...

Yes, a compliment! Always leave them guessing and wanting more. Isn't that the name of the game after all?

Brandy W said...

I love #13 the best. All sorts of images came to mind and I got to laugh at the same time.

LKap said...

Brandy -
I have to admit that's one of my favorites too. That came from Ward and I just love him!

Karen Lingefelt said...

Are these from several different books, or just one? Either way, it's tantalizing stuff.

I have to admit #13 is my fave, too--but I also think I'd like to be friends with Fiona!

LKap said...

Hey Karen!
Yes from about 4 or 5 can't remember. And Fiona is a character - we all love her!