Thursday, April 2, 2009


I promise I won’t get on my high horse...too much. But this economy is sucking the life out of me. And I’m sure everyone else as well.

It’s not just the U.S. that is seeing this downfall – it’s around the world. I have talked to friends all over the world and the unemployment rate is astronomical. In fact one of the oldest jewelry factories in Italy closed this week – now that’s huge. A large commodity based business—closed!

This hit home to me when I went to purchase an item that has a “Sin” tax now. What was once almost $40 is now almost $60. This increase happened all in the matter of a month. And will ultimately cause me to no longer buy this product – I can’t afford it! So this “Sin” tax that is applied to a product, is ridiculous in my mind, because that’s like saying there should be a "food sin tax" for anorexics – to them eating is a sin right?

Really, I’m not making light of that disorder – I’m a survivor of it myself and have obviously overcome my fear of food (to some degree), but come on, a sin tax – next thing you know they’ll be charging me to have sex with my HHB. Not that it wouldn’t be worth it mind you, but let’s be realistic, don't I already put up with enough....LOL

Huh....? I wonder if prostitutes will have to charge tax now? Makes you think huh?!?!

So I’m throwing my leg over the butt end and down from my high horse.

Tell me, have you changed the way you spend, or given up something you didn't want to?


Lisa F. said...

I've never heard of a sin tax - that's awful. I've done some small things like cutting back on how many trips to town I make, and making a conscious effort to buy only what we need instead of things I think we'll need. Washing full loads of clothes and not running the dishwasher until it's completely full. One thing I read on another blog was that we only need to use 1/2 the laundry detergent that is recommended. I've tried that and the clothes are still clean and smell fresh so that was a good tip.

Vicki said...

I've cut down a few things. The sin tax is a major thing that makes me upset. Not so much because of the tax, but how much and often it is being raised.

Munk said...

It's a horrible time for most people right now. I read this morning that 1 in 10 Americans receive foodstamps. That alone should tell everyone how bad the economy is. We need to stimulate the economy by getting people spending again and raising taxes is not the way to do that.

LKap said...

Lisa - That's a really good tip on the detergent, I would have never thought about that - cause it's expensive. Thanks ;-)

V - it's a pain for sure!

Munk - How right you are. Getting us on the front end, by saying it won't be on the back end - makes me feel more scammed then if they would just come out and say it.

Hang tough everyone - they say there is an end in sight. ;-)

Brandy W said...

We don't go out as much anymore like to Starbucks for the random coffee or donuts every weekend. We also aren't running out to Target every weekend just to look around. Its sucky but what we have to do.

LKap said...

Brandy -
I think we are all like that - although I haven't given up my coffee yet - there are just some things a girl can't give up. ;-)

Brandy W said...

I just make more coffee at home now. If we're headed home and passing a Starbucks we'll wait until we get home instead of stopping. However if its the beginning of the trip game on.

I'm not crazy and don't think I could EVER give up coffee.

Anonymous said...

We make alot more dinners now instead of fast food and takeout. Would think that was good for us, but my body says nope, still the same. LOL

LKap said...

Jill -
I'm blessed with an HHB that can cook - although he's a health nut - me not so much - but on weekends we don't eat out near as much as we did.

Kytaira said...

I did hear something about a sin tax added on to prostitution and strippers.

LKap said...

Okay that's funny because I really didn't think it was possible - now even sex is taxed - wow
Thanks for the update Kytaira