Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back from RWA - D.C.

To say that I had a fabulous time is an understatement. I met so many new authors, agents and editors my head is practically spinning. And I already have reservations on the bench with V and M.B. for next year. I can hardly wait. Water and Pink lemonade for everyone!

I’d love to hang out with all of these wonderful people more than once or twice a year, but to be honest I’d probably fall apart if I did. Yes, there were parties. Yes, there were a few drinks, and yes a lot of great conversations till the wee hours of the morning. Many I will remember forever.

That being said it is probably why I still don’t have my voice back. Well, that and the fact that our room never reached above 65 degrees at any time day or night. I’m not sick, just exhausted. I must say it sucks to get old. LOL

So here is my ramble….

Being a romance author opens you up to all kinds of odd conversation. Not within the community of writers. Because if you are one, you’ll totally understand this.

There were a few moments where I actually wanted to deny that I wrote romance only because I knew what was coming. So here we all are sitting around having great chats and someone not associated with the conference asks if we’re romance writers. (Can you see me cringe?)

Well at one point we were told about this person’s sex life. Now, honestly I don’t want to know about that. It’s a little TMI even when you’re among friends – ya know what I’m sayin’. But the person was either looking for advice or thought it would end up in a book, either way I must say it creeped me out a bit.

Another time—same question—we were told how in love this person was, and had to listen to their song. Now I love a good love story, and this was love of the deepest kind…or as deep as it could be in a month’s time. But it was the forever kind ya know??? And yes I’m being a bit of a smart ass here. Lust I understand in that early stage of the game. But I think it took me 10 years, a lot of ups and downs to really appreciate my HHB, and be so in love with him I couldn’t imagine life without him in it. (sorry got a little mushy there)

I did find it ironic that perfect strangers felt comfortable enough to tell us very personal aspects of their lives, just because we wrote romance. What other business can you get to know people so quickly? What other business gives you instant commonality?

Really, I wouldn’t change it for the world – I dig this business and in 10 years I might actually love it! LOL

So anything like this ever happened to you? Tell me I want to know.



Vicki said...

LOL, I totally forgot about the sex life person. It's so true, because we write romance we're all of a sudden the people who must know it all.

I'm totally with you, love to see everyone, miss them bunches, but couldn't do it more than twice a year. Thank god for the internet and yahoo loops.

Okay, back to bed for miss sicky. The flu has sapped all energy from me. Up for a few minutes and then the bed is calling my name.

Malicious Intent said...

Well, I am not a romance writer..but a parent mentor...and folks call me when their child has been diagnosed with autism. Which is a traumatic, sad and intimate time for a family. But you would not believe some of the stories I hear, that I really don't want to hear! Way more information than I want some times. It get's ugly as our population has an 80% divorce suddenly I am getting all of these gossipy details of the ex's new girlfriend and the cheat stories and who slept with who...honestly I need to start charging an hourly rate as a councilor in addition to my paying job!

LKap said...

Malicious -
I couldn't imagine having that kind of info - I think I'd charge extra too. I hate gossip so I might not be good at what you do...LOL

Brandy W said...

Ohhhh can I tell you my sex life then? Okay cool. I don't have one. LOL

I think its funny that people want to tell you stuff they probably don't even tell their friends.