Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, It's a New Year and this is officially my 1st blog. Slacker, you say?

Well, yes. Yes, I have been. Not only here, on the blog, but in my personal writing as well. I have a few excuses why--retrograde (which, I just found out about. BTW--we're out of it today), a new puppy, can't concentrate, new no-sugar eating plan, work, and it's too damn cold to think.

We can all think of excuses why we don't do something, or anything, for that matter. Funny thing is I haven't made one excuse for my new eating plan (oh and in 1 week - 3lbs, 2" - yay me), nor have I made excuses about going to the gym.

So why is it so easy to stop writing, when this is supposed to be my passion?

That I don't have an answer for, only more excuses. Because that's really what it comes down to. Honestly, I'm surprised I'm writing this, but look at me go, one goal met. I have a few days off and I've promised myself I'm going to write--come hell or high water (or low temperatures).

I made a promise to myself that I would send out a book by Nationals, and I'm totally off track for that. Why? More excuses, of course. Am I built to do this business? Yes. Am I good enough? Well, I think so. Can I give up family time to write? Humm, that one's a hard one. How do writers work and write? Don't know, but I've done it before, I can do it again.

The questions and self fulfilling excuses are endless. But, in the spirit of it being a new year, I really want to keep all the promises I've made to myself. I don't seem to have a problem keeping them to other people, so...

Hummm, why is it so easy to let the things for ourselves go so easily?

What are your excuses and how did you tackle them?
I need to hear it--anything to stop the procrastination and excuses.

Have a great day with no excuses! Just do it! I'm going to try :-)



zina lynch said...

Good Morn Miss Laurie.
It's hard I know, I do the same thing - make excuses, esp. about stopping at fast food places while I'm out and about. You are right again that we breack promises to ourselves rather to other, we have it backwards. I've heard that you should treat your family as company and your company like family. I mean think about it who is supposed to be more important... your family so put the china out for them and paper out for company so they don't break your china.
Maybe you can do what I do put a list up here and there liitle post-its or reminders of your goals, that's my next step. Try to eliminate things are in your path. And if you or I fail one day - say there is tomorrow and I'll try again and again.

Vicki said...

Food, it's one of my biggest excuses. I'm going to start that diet tomorrow or on Monday or whenever. I'm really trying to get myself in a better eating habit and lose the extra pounds I've put on over the past several years. I know, sounds like another excuse.

Writing...well, I'm trying not to use excuses with that, but you know I do from time to time.

I think it's the habit that has to be reformed before the excuses go away. A never ending circle.

I know you can do it though because I've seen you do it and you do it very well!! :)

LKap said...

Morning Zina!
I've tried the list deal, and honestly I forget the list, then forget what's on it. Crazy I know. I make lists all the time and find them 2 weeks later...
I know most things won't grow legs and walk away, but if we don't do them long enough, it becomes habit not to do them.
Thanks for stopping by.

V -
Well we will have to do something about all these excuses. Now in saying that and in total honesty - I'm skipping the gym today - this cold is kicking my butt, but I will do some kind of exercise later or tomorrow so I'll still get my 3 workouts in this week.
TTYL all

Chasing the Moon said...

There's a surprise for you lovely ladies on my blog! You'll find it under the post "I Feel Special." You can pass it on, post it or simply enjoy it on my blog! Thanks for your inspiration...:)

Brandy W said...

I've been nothing but full of excuses this year but it all comes down to one thing for me: I'm just being lazy.

Eating better, working out, cleaning for move and yes writing have all gone run out the door. Hopefully they come back soon.