Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music Kick….

Currently, I’m listening to the best storytelling genre on the planet—music.

As most of you know I haven’t been writing as I should, but I can tell you I’ve been listening to music like a fiend.

I’m not a writer who listens to music while I’m writing, but music is such an integral part of my process that I tend to play an artist/group over and over until the story has practically turned into a movie in my head.

Side note: If only there was a program to go from the visions in my head, directly onto the paper—I’d be golden.

Okay, back to music…
For RTN the most perfect song out there was Leona Lewis’ – “Bleeding Love”. Now I have to say RTN was written before this song came out, but for this book I can’t imagine a better song. So if you know the book, can’t you just picture it?

The current CD, that hasn’t left the car in oh…I don’t know, a month or more, is: Shinedown. Their CD “Sound of Madness” is currently in the car, but I’m switching back and forth between a few of their older CD’s as well.

Something about the above CD and Brent Smith’s voice has totally enthralled me (okay full disclosure here—he’s pretty hot too—totally my type). I’m trying to bring others into my madness too. I sent a few Shinedown songs to another writer friend because they reminded me of her characters—even if she doesn’t use the songs for her muse, I won’t be able to read her books without hearing “Call Me”. Now if only I could get any of my characters to rise up and take this musical bait.

What songs resonate with me currently by Shinedown, you ask? “I Dare You”, “Call Me”, "Simple Man", “If You Only Knew”, "Sin with a Grin"—just to name a few.
As you can see I'm pretty eclectic in my listening pleasures (honestly, I'm that way in a lot of things). But enough about me, I want to know about you.

So what’s got you singing, when you think no one’s watching??? (BTW...I do a mean "I Dare You") ;-D


Laurie/ LKap


susan said...

I love Canjan music and that can boost my energy level so much. I fall asleep with soft music so don't play that very much. susan L.

LKap said...

Susan -
Cajun music is so much fun. I'll never forget Baton Rouge because of it. ;-)

Vicki said...

My love of music ranges from hard rock to easy listening. Paul Potts is one of my fav's to listen to as I write. Which is odd in itself since none of my characters are anything like him or his music.

Hmmmm...Daughtry, Muse, Paramour might be heard in my home or car when no one else is around. :)

One of my all time favorites is Black Parade.

Then there's the soundtrack to Twilight. Yeah, every one of those songs rock!

Chasing the Moon said...

My favorite at the moment is Brandi Carlile. She's kind of edgy, alternative and folky all in one.

I love making novel soundtracks! I have a special one right now for my WIP.

Enjoy your music!

MaryC said...

Two of the songs running through my head currently are My Father's Voice and Here by Judith Owen.

Brandy W said...

Please... the kids love the music from Glee. That's what we listen to and that's what I end up singing.

I really need new music but have no idea what's out there these days.