Monday, January 25, 2010

Stampin Up Cards - So Much Fun!!

I love to be creative and not just in my writing. There the characters lives weave a tale of their own making. Sure, I know my plot and I know my characters, but more than once (way more), they've taken a road that wasn't on the map. And each time they do I'm amazed at the turn of events. Things I never knew about the H/H or even the secondary characters will change my plot line. Most the time I'm happy about it and it works. Other times...well, that's another post altogether.

Crafts on the other hand are mere relaxation for me. I love seeing what I can come up with and really there isn't ever a right or wrong way.

This past weekend I went to a Stampin Up party. Yep, I went to a card party. It's the third one I've been to in the past year (umm, including all of 09). There, you don't choose the cards you'll make, BUT you can change them up a bit if you like. And the best thing is when you leave, you're taking 6 cards that you made yourself.

So, I thought I'd share my cards from yesterday with you. Let me know which one is your favorite. I love them all, but two of them really rock, at least to me they do. :)



Anonymous said...

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LKap said...

I don't know I really like them all - you did a GREAT JOB!!!!
But I think I like the big purple flower, just because its so different.
Well done - V

Vicki said...

Joan, welcome to our corner of the blog world!

If you go to you'll find everything that was used to make the cards. I don't sell it, instead I went to a party where someone hosted it and we made the cards. But the website should have information of anyone in your area who is having a card party.

Vicki said...

L - They were really fun to make!!

JAD said...

Those are lovely, Vicki! Good work!

Brandy W said...

Okay my fav is the black and pink one. I love those colors together. Can't help myself though pink physically on me is a total no-go.

Great job on the cards.

Anonymous said...

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