Monday, February 1, 2010

Writing and Surviving the Day Job

To say the day job has kept me crazy busy would be a major understatement. Coming home after ten (or more) hour days is not making me want to crank up the computer and write, blog, or even visit my favorite blogs. So, I'm sorry if I haven't been around so much and I'm going to be better. Promise. No really, I am.

Here's the crazy thing. I'm thinking of setting my alarm clock for 4:30 AM (oh yeah, I said AM), so I can get up early and write. I need to have more writing time and with working so many hours, it's not happening Monday - Friday. I know several people who do this and they say it's great. They say the creativity flows strong that early in the morning.

I'm still working on TLIAV, but for some reason the characters in my YA paranormal FMP has started talking and they don't seem to want to go away. As a writer, it's always a good thing when your characters talk to you. The words flow so much easier onto the  screen, and hopefully you less POS when you've finished a scene.

But, when it's teenagers talking, they don't care if you really need to cook supper, or wash clothes, or anything else for that matter. They tell you what's going on and trust me, sometimes you're not really sure if you want to know. For the sake of the book, I know that Lexi needs to tell me everything (and I keep telling her it can't really all go in the book), so we've comprised. I'll write her dairy for her every day and then we'll figure out what needs to be in the book and what might just need to stay between us.

Not only is this my first YA, it's also the first time I've written a book in first person. It's not as easy as it sounds or reads for that matter. You don't want to start every sentence with "I" and you do want to make sure that the reader will know everyone's emotion, not just the heroines. Seeing things through Lexi's eyes is kinda cool, especially when she finds out that everything isn't always what she thinks it is.

Anyway, that's what's happening in my little corner of the blog world. Oh, and Science Guy's youngest sister just had a baby girl, so we're uncle and aunt again. Heehee, that also means I get to go shopping for baby stuff. :)

What's going with you? Life going crazy? If you're in the snow bound areas are you taking this time of staying inside to read or write? And are you someone who wakes up early to write? I'd love to know how that's working out for you.



LKap said...

You have been crazy busy girl, we never get to see each other any more (both of our lives are crazy these days).
I love that you're keeping lexi's diary--what a great idea and no idea will get lost.
Hang in there and breathe--but 4AM...REALLY?!?!?!?!?! Don't be calling me ;-*

Vicki said...

Right? I wonder how many times I'll hit snooze before I make it a habit. :)

Chasing the Moon said...

Hope things slow down for you soon. Good luck with the writing and thanks for keeping us posted! I don't know if I could ever get up that early. I hope it words out!

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Have fun with the YA novel! They can be tough to write. :)
I agree finding the time and energy to write between the day jobs and life in general is way tough. Good luck! :)

Vicki said...

Chasing the Moon - Hey, it's good to see you!! I'll let you know how it works. My plan is to begin next Monday, so...we'll see. :)

Vicki said...

Cynthia - I'm really enjoying the YA, but you're right it's tough. This is the first book I've written in first person, so that's a little different in and of itself.