Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Green Thumb??

With buying the new house Science Guy and I have planted plants, dug up plants, sketched out plans for new planters, and a total makeover for the backyard. The makeover will have to wait until spring or summer, but the plants were...hmmm...what's the word I'm looking for here? Oh I know, cheap.

Yes, Home Depot and Lowes both have a great assortment of plants ranging in the $1 to $5 area that were fabulous to start our flowerbeds. Okay, they're my flowerbeds, but he helps. Okay, he helps alot. :) And I love him for it.

Mostly we've planted actual plants. You know, already growing with a root system and flowers ready to be admired. But, we had a few packets of seeds, which we've had for, I don't know, maybe a year before we bought the house. Being the Science Guy that he is SG decided to give it whirl and planted the seeds. Sure enough, we have fresh basil, dill, and several other spices. Or we did until the winter blast of 2010 (I've named it) came through for 13 days and pretty much killed everything. Everything except:

Ignore the dead grass. It's now been added to the spring/summer backyard makeover. Yard Crashers, I'm available!!

It's the Bell Peppers and Tomatoes that I'm excited about. So far, we've kept them alive and well. We've brought them in on the 20's nights and covered them outside when it was only dropping into the low 50's.

The cool thing about these plants is we took the seeds right from a fresh Bell Pepper and Tomatoe. Science Guy let them dry out for weeks. So much so that I was pretty sure they were nothing more than dried up hard pieces of something that would never become a plant. I was wrong. They've grown and I'm amazed.

Maybe my grandmother having a farm where she raised animals and food has somehow sent a green thumb gene down the pike and I ended up with it. Or maybe it's Science Guy who seems to know what needs to be done to keep them growing. Either way, we've got veggies and I'm now plotting my next veggie to grow.

What about you? Have you grown plants or veggies from seeds? Do you have a garden every year?

Vicki, who's really not sure why this bottom part is in the middle.


LKap said...

How exciting V
Me plant anything...HA! I can kill Cactus....

Brandy W said...

The kids and I planted flower bulbs last year. The suckers actually grew and bloomed and died.

I've pulled most of them and need to get the ones from around the tree but there's this giant pile of snow stopping me. Go figure.

I have a feeling they will be there when we finally leave.

Animals are my problem when it comes to keeping them alive. Watch out turtles, fish and hermit crabs when you see me coming. lol