Friday, February 12, 2010

Pain In My....


Thought I was going to say something different, didn't you...LOL

Well I know it's Friday and I'm a day late, very sorry about that. I must confess I've been in a bit of a fog--pain and well, stuff to take the pain away. I've done something to my arm and haven't the slightest idea what. I know, right? Who doesn't know these things? Me, I guess.

Yes, I've been working out, so I could have done it at the gym. But I've been going to Curves and anyone who is familiar with them knows the workout is just resistance training. I'm not lifting heavy weights here! So why there's a knot on my bicep is beyond me. All I do know is that it's painful to do just about everything. Because, according to Murphy's Law - things like this must happen on your prominent arm. So doing anything is painful.

Now I'm not writing this to make you feel sorry for me, but when an athlete hurts themselves we all know they are off the play list. For writers, it's almost impossible - the words must get on the page and there is no rehab or rest for the weary. The book must get written.

I'm not on a deadline (although, I wish I was), but that doesn't mean the characters stay quiet and let me rest. Oh no! If anything they are all clamoring for my undivided attention. Especially since my internal editor has been knocked out. ;-)

The show must go on. Heating pad - check. Pain Meds - check. Coffee - check, check!

I am off work until Tuesday so there is lots of relax time in my future.

That's my story - what's yours?



Vicki said...

You've got to get it checked out. Without knowing what it is you could be doing more damage to your arm. Just saying.

Besides, I can come over this weekend and you and dictate your words to me. Heehee, your own assistant for the day or two.

PatriciaW said...

Agree with Vicki. Check it out.

Also, are you stretching before and after? I used to do Shapes and they weren't big on requiring that. Just come in and hop on. But your muscles need to stretch, especially after.