Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gardening and...Bugs

I love having a garden. It’s totally cool to plant seeds and watch them grow into plants. Picking my own tomatoes and bell peppers has saved us money and they taste better than any I’ve purchased in the grocery store.

Our cantaloupe and watermelon haven’t faired quite as well. We’ve had great flowering and even had fruit, but they don’t seem to grow very big before they just sort of rot. I’m not sure what’s happening to them or than days of too much rain and bugs.

These pests are the kind you can just see and kill. No, they’re tiny microscopic things that leave a fine white dust on the plants. We didn’t put Sven on the plants, as Science Guy didn’t want to put pesticides on our veggies and fruit. I agree with him, except we apparently need this in order to stop the bugs.

Grasshoppers also had a great time. In fact, I’m pretty sure they thought we planted all of this just for them. Their own personal restaurant, one without cost, but plenty of food to be devoured.
I really don’t like grasshoppers.

We have plenty of lizards running around and me, being the very inexperienced gardener that I am, thought they would take care of any bugs who might harm or eat to the core our garden. Not so much. They do eat bugs, but not this kind.

The bell peppers are doing fine. They grow regardless of anything and there doesn’t seem to be anything wanting to eat the leaves or flowers. Our cucumbers did beyond belief. We had so many that I took them into work several times. The corn even grew (for a while). But everything else is pretty much toast at this point.

Since we live in the Sunshine state, we can pull everything out and start over again. This time we’re going to plant some pumpkins. :) Craving a pumpkin from our own patch would be cool.

Instead of regular cucumbers, we’re going to plant the pickling ones. The smaller ones are better to pickle or so I’ve been told. Yep, I’m going to try to make my own sweet relish. Why would I do this when I could buy it at the store, save time, and it doesn’t cost much at all? Great question and one that I ask myself from time to time. I’ve never done it and so I want to try it. Kinda like when I decided to make my own chocolate syrupy from cocoa powder and regular sugar. (I know LKap, I know, way to much sugar). It was fun to do and I could say that I’d made it homemade.

This time we’re using a better fertilizer (thank you AM!) and yes, we’ll be using Sven on the plants. As much as we didn’t want to do this, it seems it’s the only way to actually have a garden.
I didn't put a picture of the garden in it's current state as it's sad. Most of it is gone with the exception of the tomatoes and bell peppers.

What about you? Do you plant gardens? What type of pesticides do you use? Do you know any organic ones that would work?


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