Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello? Sunshine State Where Are You?

I live in the sunshine state. Hey, no laughing. It’s the truth. We have sunshine ninety-five percent of the time. Maybe more.

It’s hot and humid and during the summer, it can be beyond sweltering, but if you’re a Floridian, you deal with it. Sure, you complain from time to time, but hey you also can go the beach any day of the week and that sometimes includes the months of January and February.

This past winter was crazy. Thirty-one days of freezing temperatures. When it’s in the thirties for that many days, you run out of clothes. Our winter wardrobe consists of a couple of sweaters and some lightweight jackets. Not so this year. We learned to layer and we bought more sweaters. :)

Now we’ve got rain. Everyday rain, all day long rain, makes huge puddles in your yard rain. My garden is water logged and my flowers are begging for some sun to turn their pink, mango, white, and red faces towards.

And we’ve got more rain in the forecast. I need some gloshes and raingear. Not something I really want to buy. Sunday Science Guy and I were out shopping, and thank goodness I always keep a pair of sandals in my car because the ones I was wearing broke. They were only a few weeks old, but the grass cloth that is in the soles couldn’t handle the water.

I know rain is a good thing. It’s free watering and really I do believe grass, flowers, and veggies (okay, the weeds too), love having God’s water better than water from the hose. Saves money on the water bill and I’m always thankful to save money.

But Mr. Sun, I want you to know that I miss you and hope you’ll come back soon if only to peak your head above the clouds for a little while and sends us some of your wonderful warmth.

What about you? Do you get tired of having the same weather for weeks and weeks? How’s the weather where you live? Heat wave like up north, rainy and dreary like us?




PatriciaW said...

Have you been getting drenched too? Like yesterday, when after carrying an umbrella everywhere for the past three weeks, I forgot mine! I had to put a plastic bag over my head and make a run for the car.

I don't mind the afternoon rains so much. I just don't care for the soggy weekends like this past one, although the rain did let up enough for fireworks.

Glad we're not in the heatwave up north!

LKap said...

It's finally Sunny today - and Praise the Lord!!!
I really felt like I wanted to jump off a bridge. I'd never make it in Seattle.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

I'm originally from New England so all the Florida rain felt like being home again. :)