Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's Play a Game

I need some creative energy and thinking outside the box never hurts right?! And I love to see all the angles people can come up with for the same thing.

Pick any 2 (only 2 - from top to bottom 1-4) Tell me which you picked and their story?

Keep it concise and PG-13 please.

Sometime Sunday night I’ll pick a random winner for some Free books.

I’m not posting my blurb until I announce the winner. ;-D


PatriciaW said...

The guy in the doorway and the woman in black and white.

They both have a thing about sitting, or laying on, floors. Or, maybe it's just hard surfaces. Helps them think better. He has a mind like a steel trap, able to comprehend and dissect complex topics, but he was a bit of a slacker in high school and never went to college. No family encouragement/support. He took up photography because he was good at that too, but he'd really like to be doing something with all the figures and innovative ideas flying through his head. He freelances for fashion magazines.

She, on the other hand, is a slave to her role as a corporate R&D manager. She deals with scientific/mathematical stuff all day. It pays the bills but doesn't float her boat. By day, she's all buttoned up, but when she gets home, she's freewheeling. She'd love to be a lingerie model. Just always seemed like a cool, slightly racy but overall safe thing to do. Inspired by Brooke Shields in the old Calvin Klein commercials. Except she hasn't a clue where to begin and exposing herself for money, even if it's tastefully done, might take a bit more gumption than she actually has. She doesn't want to jeopardize her day job so struts her stuff in the comfort of her own home.

Hey, I could write a pretty interesting story with these two... Adding it to my story ideas file.

LKap said...

Pat - That's GREAT!!
And the whole idea of this exercise. Take it and run with it girl, could be a great racy book. :-)

Sasha White said...

Can I just say I LOVE Christian Kane. Sooo hot.

LKap said...

Sasha -
OH YEAH - you'll see a trend....
Thanks for popping in

Vixen Pearl said...

The guy in the doorway and the girl with her sleeve down.

OK, so he was a bad boy, but she was a prim and proper teacher on most days, whose last boyfriend somehow turned out to be a football team manager. She was still trying to figure that one out. They weren't the usual type of men she fell for; and right now, she couldn't say why she had. But this guy, when her car broke down outside his run down shack outside Auburndale, not only got her car's engine racing, but her heart.

And who knew he had a thing for whipped cream? For her, that was indeed an unexpected delight.

The incredibly hot fling that ensued could, she thought, probably have powered the whole county for a week. She'd have to go back soon, and this time, remember to get that fella's full name and phone number!

There ya go, gals. Off the top of my head. Hey, do I detect an Ellora's Cave sub there? ;) Thanks for the hot idea!

LKap said...

Vixen - Well done
That's the whole idea of this, is to create new ideas that you might not have otherwise thought of. Go for it!

Vixen Pearl said...

Was it good? I'm pretty pleased with it as far as a flash fiction goes. :) I'm glad you liked it, Laurie.