Monday, September 13, 2010

New York Here I Come

I’m flying to New York this afternoon and will be there until Friday. I’m meeting my sister and my daughter there and we’re staying at The London. Science Guy is staying home with the babies (dogs, just in case you wondered). So this is a true girl’s week, which is really nice since the three of us don’t live anywhere near each other.

It’s Fashion Week! OMG, talk about not sure what to pack. Not that anyone will care what I’m wearing with beautiful models all over the place, but hey, still want to look good. :)

Our hotel is one block from Broadway. That’s it, just one block. The plan is to see at least one show, maybe two. So excited about that. We’re going to do some of the traditional things, like a carriage ride in Central Park, see Rockefeller Center, go to The Museum of Modern Art, shopping, and go to some fabulous places for dinner.

Hmm…I think I forgot to mention one thing. I’ve never been to the city of New York. I want to step outside the hotel and feel the city rush around me, to become immersed with the place, buy a hot dog from a street vendor, and I don’t know…just experience as much as I can in the time I’m there.

One of the restaurants we’re going to is TAO. They have a huge Buddha suspended in air over a reflection pond. Pictures are a must. I’m going to be total tourist. The other restaurants are fabulous as well, but I can’t wait to see this place.

My sister is in New York once a month for her business (one of her offices is there), so she knows the city, which is really nice. She told me we’re going to several great bars, one of them being a roof top bar. (Again, pictures will be necessary).

Funny thing is I don’t really care about taking pictures of stars which I’m told will be staying at our hotel, it’s the sights that I want pictures of. Don’t get me wrong, I think stars are cool and all; I’m just not a star struck kind of girl. Totally respect what they’ve accomplished in their careers, but to me they’re still people just like the rest of us.

I’ll try to post some pictures through out the week, and next week there will be a contest so watch out for it.



PatriciaW said...

You'll have a wonderful time, Vicki. Enjoy! (I grew up there and still haven't had a chance to ride one of those horse-drawn carriages!)

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Sounds like an awesome time!! Details please, along with some pics.

Jamie Burch said...

Sounds amazing! Hope you got to do and see all that you planned. Can't wait for details! Yes, pics, please!