Monday, April 28, 2008

I So Don't Do Snakes

If you read my blog friend Malicious Intently , you know she and her family very much do. Me? Not so much. They scare me. I can’t help it, they just do.

That said, when I go to a zoo, I always go to the reptile house. The different type of reptiles fascinates me and they are BEHIND glass. I can look all I want and know they can’t get me. Silly? Probably, but it’s true.

So, why am I talking about snakes? Well, yesterday I took a nap and when I woke up Science Guy asked me this question. “If I said to you, ‘I was talking to Ray and you’ll never believe what I saw’, would you want to know the rest?” I said, “Yes, although I’m probably not going to like it.”

Yeah, I didn’t. It seems we had a very large black snake (at least I hope it was a black snake), curled up on our patio. SG said it was a good 3” in diameter and long. The snake was only a couple of feet away from the chair he sat in while talking with Ray. He first saw only a part of it and wondered what in the world he’d brought out and forgot to put away. Of course when he went to see what it was, the snake (MI, I’m being really good and not calling it a thing here just for you:), it slithered across the grass and through the fence into the neighbors yard.

Okay, so there is the fairly large snake, but it went to the neighbor’s yard. Yes, I know it can come back, but let a scared woman have her dreams. I felt immensely better knowing it was not in my yard for the time being.

At least that was what I thought the first time I went outside and looked around. It was the second time I went in the backyard and watched as a much thinner (very small in diameter) snake fell from the tangerine tree and went into the scrubs.

Snakes!!! Not one snake. Oh no, that would be scary enough for me. Now in the same day there have been two snakes in my yard.

The only funny thing is in AT&B the dagger that I designed has two snakes on it and their fangs are extremely sharp. And the dagger is very important in the book.

Maybe the snakes wanted to pay homage to the fact I used them in the book. Who knows. All I know is now every time I go outside I have to check around the area before I let the doggies out and before I blindly sit down in the early morning when it’s still dark.

So, what about you? Are you afraid of snakes? Do you love them or are you like me and like them best when they’re behind glass?

WW’s and PD’s,


Patricia W. said...


Love you Vicki, but NOT coming to visit. Okay, so I work over there and live on the other side of the bridge and they're over here too.

Still a big NOT.

Liza said...

I have to say I'm best when they are behind glass. I feel really bad about it too. I think all animals should be in their own enviornment, but really don't want snakes near me. I'm not just picking on snakes, I don't want bugs near me either.

Karen Lingefelt said...

I so don't do snakes either, Vicki. When I was a kid, my brother found a big fat garter snake in his shoe. My mother said the cat must've brought it into the house and put it there, but since we didn't have pet doors, I don't know how the cat could've brought in a snake that size without anyone noticing. I don't understand people who keep such creatures as pets. It can't be for the companionship?

Vicki said...

Patricia - awww come on, you can still come over. I'll make sure mr. snake dude is not around. :D

liza - See that's exactly what I mean, behind glass works best for me, but I feel bad too.

Karen - I would die if I found a snake in my shoe!!! Although I couldn't have a snake for a pet, the people that I know who do, really love them and say the snake loves them back. If you read the post after this one then you'll see what I mean when I say there are lots of animals that I don't get the love thing but others do.

Malicious Intent said...

Snakes? Snakes! Snakes are more fun to play with than a slinky! Seriously though if you have a black snake in your yard (which they are completely harmless) that usually means you have mice. A snake is only going to hang around where there is food, so you are basically getting free extermination services.

Snakes are a vital part to the ecosystem and keeping rodents under control. I suspect if you had two snakes in one day, you surely have or now had some rodents that they felt made a great lunch special.

Snakes do no damage to the environment. The would much rather not see you than you see them. They are not slimy, they are dry and smooth and they do not smell.
They are also pretty darn smart. :)