Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday? Are you Sure???

Tuesday’s come around very fast, when I don’t write everyday. If I’m doing what I know I need to do then not so much.

Needless to say, I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted last week. I still have around 10 pages to hit the end for the first pass. Some of you are probably asking, “Will she ever stop talking about the first pass?” The answer is yes, I promise. I’d better if I’m going to send this baby out there.

I am on chapter six of the second pass though and it is going much faster the second time around.

So, what did I do last week? Lot’s of stuff deleted, reworded, and some new words added. When the week was said and done, I had a total of 498 new words. I’m not really sure what the deleted count is. I don’t keep track of them. It’s hard enough to wipe out several pages of words to know actually have a count. :)

Annie’s book is itching to be written. She visits me several times a day and reminds me, she is waiting. Patiently waiting for now, but how long will she hold out? I did make her happy when I typed out a 5 page outline. Her book is darker than AT&B. Since she knows the outcome, she doesn’t seem to mind the things she’ll be very tempted to do and tells me she may just do a few of them whether I want her to or not. Gotta love it when the characters tell you what their going to do.

So, how was your week? Read anything new? Meet your goals this week, writing or others?

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WW’s and PD’s,


Jill James said...

I wrote a couple of pages and a poem this week. Read a few great books.

tetewa said...

I'm currently reading Double Dating With the Dead by Karen Kelley. It's a fun paranormal read!

Sarai said...

Let me see I figured out my writing schedule 1 hour on Bounty Hunter 30 minutes of revisions for Cursed and 30 minutes on the new project (to keep the mind fres) So I have managed to crank out 4,000 words in two nights of new stuff and 200 in revisions!!!

Malicious Intent said...

I want to write a book, I have a title and it is non-fiction, its about me. (I have been told for years I MUST write a book.) I do not consider myself a good writer, if anything writing has to be the weakest skill I have.

Do you have a formula on how to write a book proper?