Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snakes - Yes Again

Okay, in all fairness after yesterdays post about me not liking snakes, I thought I should give you the link to MI’s post on her blog about their new pet. Meet Kashmir the snake. On her blog you'll see another picture and read all about him. I really do think he is beautiful. And yes, if I was at MI’s house I might even pet him. I didn’t say hold him, but pet him. Oh and in the picture…it’s her son holding him, with no fear I might add.

The thing is not all of us like the same things and that goes for pets. I’m really not sure how you can tell that your snake loves you. But I had a fish once, that I’m sure loved me and there was never any contact with that pet.

I really don’t like mice either, yet when my son was young and had his hamsters (they are in the same family), I grew to love those little things. And I know that Chip loved my son. There was no doubt about it. We had Chip for almost three years, which is a long time in hamster life, and when he died, I was holding him. I did everything I could for him for three days, including giving him water with a dropper, putting meal type food on my finger so he could lick it off, and keeping him warm. Not much sleep during those three days and it was heart breaking when he took his last breath.

Now my mom doesn’t get it at all. In fact she never really did understand why we could love what she called a rat. But we did.

So, yes, I’m very afraid of snakes in my yard, but then I’m also leery of stray animals if they come in my yard.

I guess what I’m saying on what I didn’t realize would be a two day post is this. We are all different in our likes and dislikes and that includes our pets. Which I’m here to say, thank goodness we are. It would be a really boring world if we all were the same.

WW's and PD's,


Patricia W. said...

I totally get that and agree. I can even say the colors are beautiful, although I still flinched when the picture popped up on my screen.

Karen Lingefelt said...

Vicki, thanks for posting this, especially after my last comment! What a boring world it would be indeed, if we all kept the same kind of pets!

Malicious Intent said...

You'll note in our blog that we have a bearded dragon named buddy too. lol. He loves to be carried around sitting on your shoulder. He loves his head and back scratched. (He will close his eyes for that) and eats from our hands, so here is definately a bond there.

Our snake Kashmir sits to the left of me at my desk and the log in which he sleeps under is just across from my key board. Every now and then I see him peeking his head out watching me intently....trying to figure out what in the heck I am doing. Rather cute that he even notices.

With both reptiles, they have been handled so much, anyone can pick them up and hold them with no trouble. Not one bite, hisssss or any other sort of warning. My son walks around with both and especially likes to let Kashmir slither around in his shirt. Snakes like dark warm places. He also makes a great necklace and Buddy makes for a great lapel pin!

We also have to fur balls (aka CATS) named Moon (baby boy) and Star (baby girl) whom we rescued from a closing shelter about 3 years ago now. They also like the repiles. lol

You get differnt things from different pets. In my son's case, he has learned to appreciate and care for all life and all kinds of critters. I think that is a good thing to instill into a child.

I use to raise ducks, geese, chickens, ferrets, rabbits, cats, dogs, fish, snakes, rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, lizards and who knows what else that I am forgetting about. :)