Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I’d Like a Side of Bad Boy with my Hero, Please

Ooh, first things first. Stay next week for a majorly exciting contest!!! The trailer alone will ROCK you. :) Nope, not saying what it is yet, but it's a great one.

Also, to those who I owe books to, I promise to get them in the mail this week. Except for the one that is an ARC, I haven't received it yet to send to you, but will as soon as I do.

Now, back to the boys.

A few weeks back on the WIP, Tawny Weber posted about the different types of men and how do we choose our favorites. Check it out. It was a great post.

Here’s the comment I posted:

I had to think about this for a bit before I could answer. I’m like most the others out there who like her some bad boys, but then I think about my family. You know like the big family get together and think, would I be able to take him home with me. Or better yet, would he even want to.

Then I thought about the GQ guy and how incredible handsome he is. Now of course, I could take him to anything family related. BUT, what about when it’s just us? Will he be so preoccupied with his own self that he doesn’t think about me? Or put me up there above his own wants and needs sometimes (hey I believe in fair play). :D

Then it happened!!! On the way home last night, I saw my guy. Okay not really my guy, because as some of you know Science Guy is my guy and I love him very much. I wouldn’t want someone else.

But since this is for the imagined hero, I’ll go back to when it happened. Basic Black rocker tee-shirt, just tight enough to make you drool, his jeans stretched taut over his extended legs. The black boots were…oh who cares about the boots. :D Dark sunglasses covered what I’m sure are amazingly sexy bed-room eyes, his tanned face staring straight ahead as the wind created by the motorcycle he was driving, blew through deep black hair. When I came along side of him, he turned my way, nodded his head and drove off, while I sat there with horns blaring behind me.

Okay so the horn part isn’t true, but everything is.

This man could so pull off the rocker, motorcycle riding bad boy and the best dress GQ man around.

That’s when I knew…I like my hero’s to be a bad boy and the GQ rolled into one. Bad to bone, sexy in bed, and eye candy when we’re out.

And yes, Science Guy is my bad boy/GQ hero. At least to me.

So what about you? What type of guy is your favorite hero to read about?

WW’s and PD’s,


Bill Clark said...

Ummm...I guess if it's guys we're talking about, I'll take the Darcy type - suave, sophisticated, filthy rich, handsome, and educable.

But I wouldn't take him to bed.... :-)

For that, give me a heroine who's smart, sexy, sassy, centered, no major psychological issues, a bit of a know-it-all but still educable, not hung up on fashion or surface things, a voracious reader, a socially-conscious doer, and, if possible, a writer. That's not too much to ask, is it?

(Oops...did I just describe Miss Erica?) :-)

Anonymous said...


I'm posting this anon cause I know you've been a very loyal member of the community and I'm sorry to Vicki for bringing this up on her blog... but don't you think saying something like that could make Erica (and others like me) really really uncomfortable? I think that steps over the line of fun loyal fan to creepy stalker guy who should be avoided. I love how the internet can bring so many different people together, but I also think we have to remember boundaries and talking about which authors we'd take to bed, that crosses the line.

We're all fans and fellow supportes of each other, let's just remember that often times in the internet world that's where our relationships have to end.

Anonymous said...

Make that 2 cases of uncomfortable stalking-ness.

Malicious Intent said...

I like a man who is funny, smart, witty and fast on his feet. A person who knows when to take charge and when to let me take charge, so someone who also reads people well. To me that is sexy, the package deal. I have never had a thing for blonde or brunette, blue or brown, tall or short...etc. I like an over all pleasant look, but that truly is secondary to me.

Bill Clark said...

To anonymous 1 & 2,

You're right. I started to describe my ideal heroine tongue-in-cheek, and forgot or blanked out on the segue about bed. Aside from the feeble excuse that one can't bed a literary character - which is what I was trying to describe - it was highly inappropriate to associate Erica's name in that manner.

I hereby apologize to both of you, and of course to Erica. It was a feeble attempt at a compliment which went badly off-course. I am very sorry.