Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's In Your Old Computer Files

I was spring cleaning my computer files and found this, as well as other short snippets of, well...hmmm...just plain stuff.

I wrote this year’s ago. No, it’s not an actual story, but it flowed from somewhere deep within me. Way before I ever met Science Guy, just in case you’re wondering if it was him. Nope, not at all.

Will it end up as a scene in a book? Maybe. It depends on what Lord G and Lady E do in the next book. Yes, they are part of the paranormal world in Mallory's book.

Although the writing is not perfect, I thought I’d share it with you anyway. And yes, should I decide to use it in AToD it will be rewritten.

Written about six years ago, late on night.

The Butterfly

The day was dreary but that would be okay for it matched her heart. She stood in the meadows, the metaphoric butterfly cupped safely within her hands.

Trembling with the fear of the unknown, the Lady turned, lifting both, her face and hands towards the gray sky – slowly, hesitantly, she opened her hands, releasing the very thing that had become precious to her.

With silent tears running down her face, she sat to wait for her butterfly, not really knowing if HE would return, but hoping that she would be what HE longed for and return once more to dry the tears and stay within her heart forever….

Days passed and the Lady rose from the once beautiful meadow, now no more than a salty sea. The sky was still as dreary as her heart. Though she knew the sun would once again come out, she didn’t know if she would ever see the beauty or really feel the warmth.

Life would continue, her heart would beat, never the same, but still it would beat. Her butterfly would not come back. HE thought HE knew what was best when all the while HE left her lost and alone.

Time, they say heals all wounds. The Lady’s heart had healed but the scar left would forever remind her of a Butterfly she released so long ago.

And yes, the Lady still looks for him, no not everyday, but when she least expected it. She’ll would look at the moon or hear the train and HE would come back to her thoughts. The scar would pull with the memories of what was and what would never be.

She once read, “Don’t cry because it’s over, but Smile because it happened.” The Lady knew this was to be forever true, as she would never be sorry that it had happened, even with the pain of loneliness and lost that her heart felt. What He had given her in their short time would forever be inside her. To remember, to smile, and yes, too even sometimes still feel the dampness on her cheeks as she thinks of a Prince and prayed HE was happy and content.

~Vicki Lane

What about you? Do you find things you've written years ago and smile at the memory they bring? Or are you super clean computer woman/man and never leave anything you don't need on your computer?


Patricia W. said...

I've got not one, but two old computers that I'm holding onto simply because they don't work anymore but there's some great stuff on the hard drive.

One of these days I'll be able to take them to a repair shop and at least have them access the hard drives and transfer the stuff to another medium.

Jill James said...

vicki, wonderful writing. I love to look back on my past writing and find some hidden gems.

Malicious Intent said...

I am a total pack rat when it comes to stuff on my computer. Mostly images, they tell stories to me. I have a hard time writing feelings like that down. I start, only to never finish or delete it as I cannot convey in words accurately how I feel. I can do that in pictures/art instead.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

I have this fantasy that when I retire I'll spend the rest of my days reading over all the stuff I've forgotten about in journals and on my computer.

hi Vicki! thanks for stopping by. I miss you and all my blog buddies.

Eileen said...

I am a huge believer in hanging on to old writing. I see it like a brain compost.