Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

It's another holiday. Most of us are off from work enjoying the three day weekend.

Most of you guys know I don't do political blog post and this isn't one either. But I do feel the need to say thank you to the many that I don't know and will never meet and to the few I do know and admire.

Before the day begins I have to take a moment and thank all of our military past, present, and future, who give of themselves daily. And although our country isn't perfect, it's a land I love and am thankful to live in. Thank you men and women who strive to protect us and give us freedom.

I hope everyone has a fun filled day. Me? We're having a little backyard family picnic.

Hugs to all my friends out there, known in person or through the blog world.


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Brandy W said...

Hugs right back.