Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away…..

Yes we live in Florida and yes we need the rain desperately, but when you’re a human barometer this is not fun at all.

And yes, that would be me.

The other day we had bands of storms, starting at 7pm and lasting throughout the next day. I felt every one of the shifts in pressure (including the ones at 3am), via a headache. And not just any headache, but a migraine, that rocked my world. A half an hour before a band came through my head felt like it would split in two. And trust me, there were times I wish it would have, just so I could have relief. And let's not mention how this affects my mood....argggg. I would need a good excuse like, oh...Edward or rather Jacob - to live in the rainiest state in the country. :-)

Problem here is…I’ll get over this in a day or so and then the sunshine will be a different kind of pressure. Yep, you guessed it... another headache.

Okay enough of my ranting ramble ;-)

On the bright side, maybe my next career I’m supposed to be a weather person. ;-)

Hope all are doing well – How is the weather where you are?




Vicki said...

Really sorry about the headaches, but then you already know that.

Edward and Jacob living that's just a nice thought any way you look at it. :)

Brandy W said...

I completely understand about the headaches and weather. I get them with big and sudden shifts. I think we're supposed to get thunderstorms this weekend but I'm hoping not.

Its bad enough I have this sinus thing going on and it won't go away.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Must be horrible to have such an intense reaction to weather changes. Hope you're feeling better.