Thursday, May 7, 2009

Talking Dogs.........

So in the theme of Angie's new release I decided to ramble on dogs.

I honestly don't think talking dogs is so far fetched. Remember I have 5 of them and each one is unique an different.

I have one "Skeeter", who is a Yorkie, that talks to me all the time. Usually it's to tell on his brothers, but trust me I swear I understand him. Of course he does make it easy by pacing to where the action is taking place and running back to me, barking the entire time.

Then there's crazy dog or "Spanky", who is my American Bulldog - who I believe is a demon hunter, because I haven't the slightest idea what he barks at in the yard. He can obviously see it, I haven't a clue, hense Demon Slayer Crazy dog.

My island dog "Calypso", whom I rescued while vacationing in St. Maartin is a yodeler and will only do that when he wants your attention. Other than that he's the quietest dog I own.

And as I sit here I realize that my boys, all of the above, are my talkative ones. My girls, Trixie and Penny, are chihuahua's and don't get me wrong, they bark. But usually only when someone new is in the house, the cat is walking by them, there's someone walking by the house. Like typical women they talk just to talk.

Any great dog stories from you?


Liza said...

I don't currently have a dog, but my dad's chocolate lab will pick up your hand and put it back on her head if you stop petting her. She will also answer you if you ask her a question(for food, water, or outside) and her barks sound different depending on the answer.

Vicki said...

My Sassy is quite most the time. She does squeal like a little piggy sometimes.

Meisha. Yay, a completely different story. She talks to me all the time. I do mean all the time. It's either barking or hmmm...I need sound about now, but it's like she's rounded her mouth and started soft, then continued to get louder with this little wavy thing in the middle. Okay, you'd have to hear it. :)

The thing is, I do believe our pets talk to us. I just wish we could talk to each other like Pirate. It would be so much easier.

LKap said...

Hi guys - Been AWOL today - meetings and Dr. appt.s sorry

Liza - All that attention and she still needs to "tell" you to pet her...aren't dogs awesome.

V- Yes I've heard the pig noise, and she's not kidding about that ;-) but we love them.

Brandy W said...

The girls are commenting. Gossiping about those people walking around. How could she wear that out type of thing I'm sure.

No pets for us though I found a cat I want but T said no. He is allergic and all but Toby was so good looking. 2 y/o soft grey and white. I think he would have been perfect for me. *sigh*

Oh and I killed the three fish. My record with pets of any kind still sucks.

LKap said...

Brandy I'm sure you're right - Trixie will not let me put clothes on her and she'll turn up her nose - I'm so not kidding, and at 3lbs it's a small nose - it's hilarious!!!
I'm sure she's talking about the funny looking demons she sees...LOL

You need a cat - T isn't home enough