Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wanna Superhero Makeover??

LKap is off today...okay, sometimes she and I are always off, thus the scary place to be in our minds. So...thought you might enjoy this.

I saw this over on The Plotmonkeys, who found it on Diana Peterfreund’s blog, and decided to make myself a hero.

You’ve noticed I’m sure that the body is perfect and trust me; this superwoman doesn’t clean or cook. Nope, with that wip, she says what she wants and it’s done.

Heehee, okay, so only in L’s house does that sort of happen (not the whip part). Her HHB is wonderful at bringing her just what she wants. Come to think of it, Science Guy isn’t too bad at that either. Except he’s pretty limited on anything to do with cooking.

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled around, here’s me the superhero. And you can click
here to make your own.

Not sure what my name is, so have some fun and leave my superhero name in the comments.



Brandy W said...

I am...

The Fancy Shredding Pirate

This is what I get for having wings, an eyepatch with skull and a sword for my weapon.

I'll put mine up on my blog cause I think its cool.

Vicki said...

Sounds really cool Brandy. I'm on my way over to check it out.

LKap said...

That was fun
I am "Professor Whipped Nine Tails"

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Way too cool on the hero!
I'm called the "Talented Walking bug". LOL

Personally I think I shoudl be called the "Talented Walking Faerie." For god's sake I had wings...Blue ones! I'll put it on my blog! Go check it out.

Thanks for the fun!