Monday, June 22, 2009

House Update and the Winner of Tap and Gown

First, a quick apology to everyone for not posting the winner this weekend. If you’ve been reading the blog then you know Science Guy and I have bought a house, which means we’re major busy in the packing arena. Fun? Not so much. Moving to our place? Fabulous!

We close on the house tomorrow. Or at least we’re set up to close tomorrow. I’m quickly learning in the world of real estate and banks that can change. Fingers crossed tomorrow will happen since we need to move the moveable that the movers who come on Thursday can’t.

Now to the fun part. The winner of
Diana Peterfreund’s last book in the series, Tap and Gown is….

Patricia!!! WhooHoo!!! Please email me at with Tap and Gown Winner in the subject line to claim your book. If I don’t hear from you by next Friday, the randomizer will choose another winner.

For those who didn’t win, this is a wonderful series and the link above will take you directly to Borders where you can purchase your own copy. It’s one you’ll want to read more than once.



PatriciaW said...


Cynthia Sherrick said...

Good luck with your new house!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new house.

LKap said...

Congrats Patricia!!!!!!

I haven't heard from V today so maybe she's at the title company signing on the dotted line - one can hope :-)