Thursday, June 4, 2009

How much is too much……….

Okay I’ve been on this one scene for about 3 days (remember I can only write at night and on weekends – oh and I’m taking my time right now). Soooo… every time I go back to it I add more. Now before I go on let me clarify for you….this is a sex scene.

Have I got your attention now? ;-P”””

But it did get me to thinking…I know scary. But how much is too much before you start skimming and looking for something else on the pages?

For me, I’m good as long as there's an emotional arc that pulls me into the characters – I’m invested, but I’d say past 8-10 pages, even I’d get bored. And that goes for writing it too. (And just so you know I'm nowhere near that long on this scene).

So what about you?
Is there such a thing as too much?
Or will you read every word in angst for the next one?

It doesn’t have to be a sex scene. This pertains to too much history in a historical, too much of a fight scene in say an Urban Fantasy, too much of anything. What is too much for you?

If you want to tell me why, that would be fabulous. ;-D

Hugs, oh and thanks for understanding letting me take off last week.



Vicki said...

For me it depends on the book. If the feel of the book calls for faster pacing, then I'd want the scene to be done in 3 - 5 pages. But there are some books I've read where I'm happy that the scene went on for a whole chapter.

I know, not too much help there. I guess the biggest thing is to come back to it later and read it out loud. If it begins to bore you or you're ready to read the end of the scene then I'd say it was too long.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Yes, it depends on the kind of story being told. For me, the emotional journey should be just as important as the physical so it really can't be a fast unfolding.

For me, usually the first lovemaking is stretched out and described in as much detail as possible (I feel mine are never long enough)-- in later sex scenes not so much detail.

Have fun and good luck! ;)

Brandy W said...

There is such a thing as too much and too many. Odd I know but it happens. There comes a point when I actually want to know want is happening outside of screwing each other silly.

Yes I anticipate that first sex scene and detail and length (hehe) is nice. But really if you have more than 3 pages of him going down on her I start to get antsy and bored.

As to the comment I made about too many what I mean is if they can't go 2 pages without going at it again and that keeps happening then I skip it and move on. What brought me to the book was the story so I do want to know what happens.

LKap said...

Such great answers everyone!!!