Friday, June 12, 2009

L's New Family Member

Let’s just say this has been a rollercoaster of a week. Some good, some bad, some in between.

But the highlight of my week has been the addition of a new family member.
Drum Roll Please….

May I introduce you to Bella…

Isn’t she beautiful, and yes, that is why her name is Bella.

HHB is actually who named her, and is in no way obsessed with Twilight, like Princess and I are – but the name fits don’t you think?

So Thank you to Aunt V who went with me to pick my Bella up after HHB called to let me know he found us a kitty (which by the way wasn't Bella...LOL) and covered my butt yesterday since I was too busy playing with new kitty to write a blog…Muahhhh V !!!

Bella comes to my family because we lost our cat, Polly -- of 14 years, on Monday. To say that I was upset, depressed and just miserable to be around, is an understatement.

HHB knows I’ve NEVER, not had a cat in my life. And it became his personal goal to remedy that. He’s the one that tracked down “Friends of Strays” (Which I recommend HIGHLY), filled out the paperwork and made sure all I had to do was pick out the right kitty for our family (God I love that man)!!!

The two days without a cat was the longest since I was probably four or five years old. Polly was an awesome cat, I saw her being born and had her ever since. She was also a black cat – which I have also always had. But seeing as Bella is gray or rather a blue, I’m breaking tradition, but I think my mojo will be just fine. ;-D

So those that guessed a girl – YAY!!!
I loved all the original names!

Don’t you just love her?!?!?!?!?


Liza said...

Bella is such a cutie, and I love her name! I love her bright green eyes(they look green in the picture). I'm so sorry about Polly, and know how tough it is to lose a pet family member. Good luck with your sweet new little one.

LKap said...

Thank you Liza - and yes they are a bit green.

Natasha said...

OMG She is adorable!!! I am sorry for your loss, I know Bella won't replace Polly, but I hope she helps fill the hole! She looks a bit mischievous :D

Munk said...

I had a cat that looked EXACTLY like her. He was a boy named Oliver. I miss him. Congrats on the new furbaby. She's adorable.

Vicki said...

Yeppers, Auntie V loves Bella already. Polly was an amazing cat/family member and loved to be with us (when she wanted to of course). Although she is missed tons by the Kap family, I know she's watching Bella and is happy.

Now to go shopping for toys and treats from Auntie V and don't worry Spanky I won't forget you. :)

Karin* said...

How sweet! I love the name! Congrats on the new baby. :)

Karin Tabke

LKap said...

Natasha -
Thank you, I still miss Polly, but Bella was a great addition to our family. And yes she's a bit ornery now that she's getting used to our home. But that just makes her more fun.

Munk -
Did she bring back good memories for you. Oliver what a great name. Thanks we like her ;-)

V -
LOL you spoil my fur-babies!!!
Don't worry Spanky might be jealous, but he LOVES his Aunt V

Karin -
Thanks we thought it fit ;-)

Cynthia Sherrick said...

She's beautiful! And I love her name. Beautiful Bella. :)

I'm sorry for your loss. I know that pain.
I lost my best friend and feline daughter, Coco (who was fourteen)15 months ago and have yet to replace her. I miss her everyday! My other feline daughter, Lilly, is nineteen and lives 1500 miles away with my ex-husband. (we didn't think she would make the trip down here too well)I miss her everyday as well, but he takes good care of her.

Enjoy your new baby. :)

Karen Lingefelt said...

Bella is a beauty! Congratulations on your newest member of the family, Laurie.

I'm sorry about Polly. We had a cat for 10 years and he lived to be 17. He loved people and we still miss him. I'll bet he'd terrorize the two beagles we have now.

flchen1 said...

What a cutie!! Thanks for introducing us to her!

jilljames said...

The kitty is beautiful. I had a cat that looked just like that when I was 6. Her name was Midnight Shadow.

Chasing the Moon said...

So sorry about your sweet Polly. We've always had cats and it's so hard to let them go. Glad you we're able to save a stray. Bella looks just like my Riley that I adopted 3 years ago. Enjoy your new addition! :)