Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love a great, hot, sexy book to relax to….

And I haven’t had much time to do that lately. What, with family in town last week and part of this week. I love family don’t get me wrong – but it’s like a good cocktail. Too much of a good thing and you’ll pay for it for days.

Then there is Bella (the new kitty). Lord that cat cracks me up, but oh she’s a stinker. We let her run our room before HHB comes to bed. Needless to say, she likes being the center of attention. Hence, no reading time there.

I’m supposed to be writing as well. Okay, so that’s not going so well right now. I shut down to be with family and now have to reacquaint myself with the book and the characters because they aren’t talking to me. I think they want to be the center of attention too. Oh but in saying that, new characters are talking to me. They get no time except to write down the concept.

It’s been told to me that I need to read to be a better writer. Well, hell when am I supposed to do that, I ask?

But I need to do it and I will—if for nothing else then to relax. Which will lead me to the next dilemma—which book to read. If you’ve seen my TBR you’d understand. I’ll be looking for the next hero or two to take my mind off life as I know it.

So what is it you do to relax?



Cynthia Sherrick said...

Reading is my number one way to relax! :) I also enjoy walking the beach, watching the birds, and breathing the fresh sea air. Heaven!

Liza said...

Reading or taking a nap would be my 2 top choices to relax. If I lived anywhere near a beach, that would also be on my list.

Brandy W said...

Ummm relax? What was that again? I think that would be reading.