Monday, June 28, 2010

A Change Is Coming

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged with any regularity. I could give you all the reasons (most if not all of them very valid), but I’ll spare you the boring details. Trust me, they’re not that exciting.

It’s not January so it’s way too late for New Year’s resolutions. And I’m not a true believer in them anyway since it’s usually things we want to do yet most often times do them for a few weeks, or months at best.

Instead I’m starting fresh. I’ve got a new line up and I’m thinking this will keep things running smoothly.

Here goes:

Monday Musings – thoughts about Writing…it is a writing blog after all. :)

Tuesday Ten – Ten things about, well pretty much anything. And during the summer we’ll have a guest blogger, SB Jane, who will be doing the Tuesday Ten.

Wednesday Wanderings – Rabbit trail day. Anyone who knows me – knows that I’m pretty good at rabbit trails. LKap’s been known to have a few rabbit trails which I think has come about from hanging with me.

Thursday Rambling – LKap’s day to tell it like she sees it, perhaps a rant, or really anything that’s on her mind.

Friday Fun – What kind of fun? Anything from jokes to yummy eye candy to what we’re reading at the time.

Tomorrow starts our Tuesday Ten with SB Jane and she’s talking all things Twilight. Come back to read her ten things and leave your own comments.

Yes I know, I’ve just started / restarted and today’s is supposed to be about writing, but really, you got start somewhere. :)

So, what do you think about the new line up? Is there something else you’d like to see?
And if you’d like to guest blog on one of the days please send me an email at We’d love to have you.


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