Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Girls!!!

Since I haven't been writing lately - and I consider this blog another form of writing, I decided to let you see my girls...Aren't they adorable. ;-D

Brown/Red dog on her back is my daughters new pup - Betsey
This is when I love her best....LOL! No really she's a great dog, just lots of energy.

White/Blue (gray) dog is Pennelope
Again supposed to be my daughter's dog, but tends to be mine more. And yes that is a heart on her forehead.

Tan/white - this is my girl - Trixie
Who obviously is a ham for the camera. For a 3lb chiahuahua she's a little pistol, but then again I am her human mommy...LOL

Hope they made you smile like they make me smile.



Brandy W said...

Too cute. The picture made me think of something Ty said last night. She asked if we ever leave a store and someone has free puppies......

That's as far as she got with that thought. Told her I wouldn't discuss it right then. She was supposed to be going to sleep. LOL

I told T and he just asked what store we were leaving.

Vicki said...

Awww, that's a great picture of the babies!!!

It makes me want another puppy...heehee!!

susan said...

What cuties. I can tell they love the camera too. Thanks for sharing . susan L.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

They are too cute!

Karen Lingefelt said...

Laurie, they're adorable! I just want to scoop them up and snuggle away!