Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Ten - All About Twilight

Hey SB Jane - LKap and I wanted to welcome you to the blog for the summer series of Tuesday Ten. Just a little info about you for our readers. SB Jane teaches in a land far, far away...wait that's not right, that's sort of the beginning of Star Wars. But she is a teacher it's just the far, far away part we're not sure about. Could be SciFi, where the kids float about their chairs while she teaches through a computer monitor, or maybe it's in the Wild West with everyone sittin' around the campfire and branding cattle. A small exclusive school with the coolest and zaniest kids could be her classroom. Or it could be a normal everyday classroom where the kids use #2 pencils and have to take test and have homework. One thing we know for sure, where ever SB Jane teaches the kids are lucky to have her.

Here's SB Jane and her first Tuesday Ten:

Thanks Vicki and LKap for having me here this summer. I'm looking forward to sharing my Tuesday Ten's with you and hoping you'll share some of yours with me.

In honor of tomorrow's release of Eclipse, I had to do my first Top Ten all about the Twilight series! So without further adue...here are the Top 10 things I love about the Twilight Saga

10: The easy way to now sort your friends (Team Edward or Team Jacob?)
9: Jacob's fight for Bella's affection.

8: While we're on the subject of Jacob...oooh those ABS!!

7: The incredible job Stephenie Meyer did of drawing us into the Twilight world - how many hours of sleep did I lose because I just couldn't put it down?!

6: The Cullen family - There are so many small details I could do an entire 10 on them.

5: The scene in the first book when Edward and Bella are at dinner.

4: Alice - she is just all around adorable, incredibly stylish, and the kind of girl it would be a blast to be friends with.

3: SPOILER ALERT!!! Bella and Edward's honeymoon

2: Edward's devotion to all things Bella

1: The fact that at midnight tonight I will be watching Eclipse!! This book was my favorite of the four and I can not wait to watch it come to life on the big screen.

What's your favorite Twilight moment? I can't wait to read your comments and I'll see you next Tuesday! :)

SB Jane


Vicki said...

Welcome SB Jane - I love your ten Twilight's.

I'm not sure if this was my favorite or not. Breaking Dawn rocked!! But then I loved them all.

One of my favorite scenes is Bella, Jacob, and Edward in the tent. The emotion of that was wild. I also loved the way time went by in New Moon. I guess that wasn't so much a scene, but I felt every bit of it.

Heather Burch said...

I love ALice's line. "Sure, we can talk. As soon as you put the dog out." Second movie and I probably quoted it wrong. Just saw Eclipse. It was really good, but I didn't like Edward as much as Jacob. This was Jacob's movie! And wow, did he come to life!!!
Bella, Edward, and Jacob in the tent. Yeah, that one's stuck in my mind!

SB Jane said...

Hey Vicki~ The tent scene was definitely a great one in both the movie and the book. In fact, I saw an interview where Taylor Lautner said it was his favorite scene to shoot!

SB Jane said...

Hi Heather! Welcome! I loved that line too..and I think you got it exactly right! My husband actually went to see the movie with me and he thought Alice and Jasper stole the show. She is a great character!